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Updates 10-6-17

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Hey guys!  Here's the update for 10-6-17!  It took a long time, but I'm glad I finally got it done!

  • Added 149 new achievements!  That brings the new total up to 250!
  • Replaced all PK-related achievements except for "attack a player".
  • Added achievement certificate to Explorer Jack's shop.  Claim this certificate to set the new achievements' progresses which you've already completed in the past.
  • Added rewards for completing different tiers of achievements!  For completing all easy tasks, you get a mystery box and a dragonkin lamp.  For completing all medium tasks, you get a legendary mystery box and a dragonkin lamp.  For completing all hard tasks, you get a $20 scroll and a dragonkin lamp.
  • Raised chance of getting heavy ballista from Slash Bash's special drops
  • Added another ogre artefact to the ogre coffin drop table.  Now it's a 2 in 28 chance to get it (or 1 in 14).
  • Added red spider's eggs to herblore shop
  • Added explosive potion to consumables shop
  • Lowered shooting star timer to 1 hour

NOTE:  I didn't test ALL of the achievements because there's a shit ton of them.  If you feel like something should work that doesn't, please let me know.

DOUBLE NOTE:  The achievement certificate ONLY gives you progress or completion for the achievements I was able to track.  For example, when I wrote Treasure Trails, I added a counter for each clue difficulty.  There wasn't a counter for tracking how many crystal chests you've opened, though, so this you'll have to start fresh with.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

TRIPLE NOTE:  You must reload your client to see all the achievements and use the certificate.

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