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All pets goal

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I've decided I want all pets in game.

So I've decided to record my progress.

-Pet Tztok-Jad. - DONE
-Pet Black Dragon. - DONE
-Pet Baby Blue Dragon. - DONE
-Pet Blue Dragon. - DONE
-Pet Green Dragon. - DONE
-Pet Ice Strykewyrm. - DONE
-Pet Desert Strykewyrm. - DONE
-Pet Jungle Strykewyrm. - DONE
-Pet Nex. - DONE
-Pet Bandos Avatar. - DONE
-Pet Pheonix. - DONE
-Pet Dagonnoth Prime. - DONE
-Pet Dagonnoth Rex. - DONE
-Pet Dagonnoth Supreme. - DONE
-Pet Tormented Demon. - DONE
-Pet Kalphite Queen. - DONE
-Pet Slash Bash. - DONE
-Pet Chaos Elemental. - DONE
-Pet King Black Dragon. - DONE
-Pet General Graardor. - DONE
-Pet Corporeal Beast. - DONE
-Pet Kree' Arra. - DONE
-Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth. - DONE
-Pet Commander Zilyana. - DONE
-Pet Frost Dragon. - DONE


Completed goal 2/16/18

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