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Official Salvage-PS Price Guide

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NOTE: This price list will be regularly updated, stay tuned!

* = New content.

Queen's Secateurs: 100M

Dragon Chainbody: 150M

Dragon Platebody: 500M

Christmas Cracker: 5,000M

Ring of the Gods: 650M

Treasonous Ring: 650M

Tyrannical Ring: 650M

Dragon Full Helm: 450M

Odium Ward: 500M

Malediction Ward: 500M

Dragon Warhammer: 750M

Steadfast Boots: 150M

Ragefire Boots: 150M

Glaiven Boots: 150M

Armadyl Godsword: 500M

Saradomin Godsword: 400M

Zamorak Godsword: 300M

Bandos Godsword: 300M

Loop half of a key: 5M

Tooth half of a key: 5M

Crystal key: 10M

Abyssal whip: 50-75M

Godsword shards 1: 15M

Godsword shards 2: 15M

Godsword shards 3: 15M

Godsword Blade: 40-50M

Ring of Wealth: 700-900M

Saradomin sword: 60-80M

Amulet of fury: 80-110M

Uncut Onyx: 80M

Amulet of fury (or): 400-500M

Amulet of ranging: 50-75M

Ahrim set: 250-300M

Guthan set: 250-300M

Verac set: 250-300M

Dharok set: 250-300M

Karil set: 250-300M

Zamorakian spear: 500-750M

Steel titan pouch: 1-2M

Draconic Visage: 30M

Dragonfire shield: 40M

Vesta's Set: 500M

Vesta's Longsword: 100M

Vesta's Chainbody: 200M

Vesta's Plateskirt: 200M

Statius's Set: 600M

Statius's Warhammer: 100M

Statius's Full helm: 100-150M

Statius's Platebody: 200M

Statius's Platelegs: 200M

Zuriel's Set: 500M

Zuriel's Staff: 100M

Zuriel's Hood: 100M

Zuriel's Robe top: 150M

Zuriel's Robe bottom: 150M

Morrigan's Set: 400-450M

Morrigan's Coif: 100-150M

Morrigan's Leather Body: 150M

Morrigan's Leather chaps: 150M

Dragon Claws: 1,000-1,500M

Torva Full Set: 3,000M

Torva Full Helm: 750M

Torva Platebody: 1,000M

Torva Platelegs: 1,000M

Virtus Full Set: 3,000M

Virtus Mask: 750M

Virtus Robe Top: 1.000M

Virtus Robe Legs: 1.000M

Pernix Full Set: 3,000M

Pernix Cowl: 750M

Pernix Body: 1,000M

Pernix Chaps: 1,000M

Spectral Sigil: 3,500M

Arcane Sigil: 4,500M

Elysian sigil: 4,500M

Divine Sigil: 4,500M

Dragon Boots: 15M

Berserker Ring: 75M

Berserker Ring (i): 150-200M

Archer's Ring: 75M

Archer's Ring (i): 150-200M

Seer's Ring: 75M

Seer's Ring (i): 100-150M

Warrior Ring: 50M

Warrior Ring (i): 75-125M

Gilded set: 225M

Gilded full helm: 35-40M

Gilded platebody: 75M

Gilded platelegs/skirt: 75M

Gilded kitshield: 35-40M

Colored staff of light: 180M

Colored robin hood hat: 160M

Ranger boots: 160M

Golden Maul: 400M

Full dragon set (or) : 2B-2.5B

$10 scroll: 500M

$20 scroll: 1B

$50 scroll: 2.5B

$100 scroll: 5B

Sled: 1.5B

Bunny ears: 1B

Easter ring: 1.5B

Grain: 1.5B

Basket of eggs: 1B

Santa hat: 2B

Black Santa hat: 2.5B

Pink Santa hat: 2.5B

Lime Santa hat: 2.5B

Lava Santa hat: 2.5B

Sky blue Santa hat: 2.5B

Party hat and specs: 3.750B

Green H'ween mask: 1.5B

Blue H'ween mask: 1.5B

Red H'ween mask: 1.5B

Black H'ween mask: 2.5B

Third Age Melee set: 35-40B

Third Age Melee helm: 7.5B

Third Age Melee body: 7.5B

Third Age Melee legs: 7.5B

Third Age Melee shield: 7.5B

Third Age Melee sword: 7.5B

Third Age Mage set: 30B

Third Age Mage top: 7.5B

Third Age Mage bottom: 7.5B

Third Age Mage amulet: 7.5B

Third Age Range set: 27.5B-30B

Third Age Range helm: 7.5B

Third Age Range body: 7.5B

Third Age Range legs: 7.5B

Third Age vambraces: 5B

Dragon kiteshield: 2.250B

Abyssal vine whip: 2.5B

Drygore rapier: 3.750B

Drygore longsword: 3.750B

Drygore mace: 3.750B

Armadyl crossbow: 1.250B

Toxic blowpipe: 2.5B

Staff of the dead: 2.5B

Primordial Boots: 500M

Pegasian Boots: 500M

Eternal boots: 500M

Dark bow: 30-50M

Staff of light: 30-50M

Bandos set: 500M

Bandos Chestplate: 250M

Bandos Tassets: 250M

Heavy ballista: 1.250B

Armadyl set: 500M

Armadyl helmet: 100M

Armadyl chestplate: 200M

Armadyl chainskirt: 200M

Brackish blade: 2M-3M

Dragon arrows: 100K-150K

Godwars rune armor set: 50M


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Very nice guide.  Some of these are subject to change when more items get into the eco.  I also moved this topic to Guides -> Miscellaneous

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This is really nice

Will anything else be added? Like Cerb boot drops?  

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18 hours ago, Brad said:

This is really nice

Will anything else be added? Like Cerb boot drops?  

I'm sure new items will be added as well as updates to prices as more items enter the economy. 

Can't wait to see how the prices develop.

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Yes items will continuously be added, this is still very much a work in progress.

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I recon pegs, primo, and eternal boots should be about 500m each. 

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Also, I want it to be known this is a guide to pricing, not the actually prices for all items in game, prices in game can be subject to change based off of demands of the sellers and the consumers, this is just a good guideline.

Edited by Eyan
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