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Random Improvements

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Berserk Necklace is

-10 Stab, Slash, Crush

-20 Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic, Range

+7 Str

+3 Prayer

This is a useless item because Glory's give +6 str and w.e. It would be a nice to make these stats better and make the item useable.


Also Shift click would be a good idea


Being able to sell the Obi capes and those asorted items for the Tokenz maybe at like 1/5 or 2/5 the price since the items are not valueable.


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Isn't Berserker Necklace useful because it gives added damage when using it with the Obsidian Maul?

Shift click drop has been suggested already but I agree it would be a nice feature.

Yes please let us sell items to the tokkel shop.

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Necklace is good for pure pker's, the stats most likely won't be buffed but we can test.


Shift click has been suggested multiple times, looking into this.


Selling obi capes and things for tokkul most likely will not happen seeing as how you can currently buy the items from the main shops and would allow people to just buy and resell for tokkul.

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