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Zogres & Skogres Minigame Guide

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The purpose of this minigame is to get ogre coffin keys in order to get an ogre artifact.

To start the minigame click on Minigame Teleport in the teleports tab and click Zogres & Skogres on the second page.minigametele1.JPG


Once you are there kill either Zogres or Skogres (both combat lvl: 44) to get ogre coffin keys.


I highly recommend having a bonecrusher for this minigame, the keys are hard to see on the ground when their bones are on the ground.


You will then open the Ogre Coffins located at the east end of the minigame area with those keys.


Each key has a 2 in 28 chance of getting you an Ogre Artifact as a reward.


Other rewards includes various bones, herbs, and a zombie outfit. This minigame is a great source of prayer and herblore exp!

The Ogre artifact has the following effect: Deal double damage to Slash Bash while the Ogre Artifact is in your inventory.  Upon killing him, the artifact will be destroyed and you have a chance to receive a special drop.

Once you have obtained the Ogre Artifact it's time to kill Slash Bash.

To get to Slash Bash click on the Boss Teleport in the teleports tab and click Slash Bash on the second page.bosstele1.JPG



When you kill Slash Bash it will consume your Ogre Artifact and give you a chance at a drop from his special drop table.

If you get really lucky you might get a Heavy Ballista!

Good Luck!

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This guide has been very helpful , when I do this minigame I will sure to take full advantage of it. 


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Finally a guide! Nice guide for the newest addition to the minigames. I'd like to see more guides from you in the future.


PS. (Maybe add that using the ogre artifact is the only way to obtain the Heavy Ballista in game.)

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