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Updates 6-24-17

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Hey guys, been out of it for a little bit but I'm getting back into it now.  Here is the update log for 6-24-17!

  • Added proper links to new forum website
  • Added ::thread command to open threads by number
  • Fixed issue where you could attack Kree'Arra from a corner and not be hit by her
  • Fixed issue where your dark bow would be deleted after attacking with it
  • Buffed all leather making xp
  • Construction is now FULLY INSTANCED!
  • Building rooms in construction actually costs money now.  You're able to pay for the rooms out of your money pouch now, as well.
  • Minor text improvements
  • Added Lottery NPC at new Gamble Zone!  Type ::gamble to teleport there.
  • Changed prices of some items in the pk points store
  • Fixed maxed issues

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