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Updates 9-28-17

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Hey everyone, here's the updates for 9-28-17!  They're pretty small, but took a little bit of ingenuity and time to make.  Plus, they're pretty neat!  I hope you enjoy!

  • Added a ton of implings throughout the world. Catch them outside of Puro Puro and the donator zones for TRIPLE xp!
  • Added barehanded impling catching!  Now you can catch implings anywhere with or without a net and impling jar.
  • Made ring of forging work (a common reward from implings) properly.  There's now a 100% chance to make iron bars when equipped, plus double xp on any bar smelted!
  • Added Kraken to Sumona slayer tasks
  • Ensured all activities at EDZ cannot be done by staff teleporting there unless they meet the requirements.
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