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Updates 9-26-17

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Hey all!  The following are the updates for 9-26-17:

  • Added instanced Kraken boss! Tele to the Kraken and try your luck at getting the Abyssal Tentacle or the new Trident of the Seas with a powerful, built-in spell!
  • Buffed Armadyl Crossbow
  • Added 5% chance to be awarded a mystery box when claiming votes
  • Various item configuration fixes
  • Made gambling available for non-donators
  • Corrected ::players player count
  • Added all restrictions to edz to ensure staff cannot teleport to another player there and use the resources
  • Re-wrote hatchet and pickaxe logic.  Now, you'll use whatever hatchet/pickaxe is equipped, or it'll find the best hatchet/pickaxe you have between your toolbelt and inventory.
  • Removed annoying waterfiend in Ancient Cavern
  • Added dragon chainbody to annouced drops
  • Added home portal to all runecrafting altars (except Astral)
  • Added effect for Ring of Fire - you now get 1.5x firemaking xp when it's equipped
  • Added inactive loopy birds graphic
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