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Download NEW Auto-Updating Client!

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Hey everyone,

I've made some improvements to the auto-updating client (not the game client).  If you don't know, the auto-updating client checks the last modified date of the actual client, and if it's newer than the version you have on your computer, it automatically downloads the new client.  There have been some issues where the download doesn't complete correctly (typical Java stuff), and the user is stuck having to delete the file it downloaded and try again.  I've added a "retry" functionality to the client.  If the download fails for whatever reason, it'll delete the client file, and if you want to retry, it will try it over again.  If it fails to download over and over again, your internet connection might be unstable.  Hopefully this cures some headaches and lets everyone get back to playing Salvage!

Please download the new auto-updating client here: http://salvageps.com/client/Salvage-PS.jar



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