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Updates 9-19-17

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Hey everyone! Here's the update logs for 9-19-17:

  • Added Scorpia, Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet'ion bosses!
  • Added Dagannoth Rex pet, dropped by Dagannoth Rex
  • Added Drygore mace with 1.25x stats of Primal warhammer (donator only for now)
  • Added Pegasian, Primordial, and Eternal boots (donator only for now)
  • Added Dragon Warhammer and Odium and Malediction wards - available exclusively from killing Scorpia
  • Added Wilderness rings (Treasonous, Tyrannical, Ring of the Gods) - available exclusively from killing Venenatis, Callisto, and Vet'ion, respectively
  • Added Armadyl Crossbow - Available from killing Commander Zilyana or from the donator store
  • Lowered price of Heavy Ballista and moved it to Donator Equipment store 1
  • Added Lime, Sky Blue, Lava, and Pink partyhats to Christmas crackers
  • Removed random chance of which player gets the partyhat from a Christmas cracker.  Now, owner of the cracker will always receive a partyhat, and the other player has a 5% chance to receive one as well!
  • Added world message for whenever a player gets a rare partyhat from a Christmas cracker.
  • Added Lime, Sky Blue, Lava, and Pink santa hats to donator store
  • Added Dragon Kiteshield - available from killing King Black Dragon or from the donator store
  • Added Elder Wand - avialable exclusively from killing Dagannoth Prime
  • Removed ability to gain Loyalty Points while in Elite Donator Zone
  • Added new bosses to slayer tasks
  • Added working Ring of Stone and Easter Ring.  Find Ring of Stone in medium and hard clue scroll caskets.  Find Easter Ring in donator shop.
  • Lowered price of penance icons in donator store to 75 donator points
  • Fixed rune rock issue at EDZ
  • New cache fixes multiple sprite and texture issues
  • Fixed Summoning call familiar timer issue and changed to 10 second delay

More updates coming soon with more bosses and items!  Stay tuned!

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This is AMAZING, Looking forward to this!

Good luck on drops Virtus, You'll need it!

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