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Updates 4-10-17

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Here is the update log for 4-10-17!


  • Buffed overload potion
  • Changed construction logout location
  • Added Magic Watering Can and Magic Secateurs to Crystal Chest.  You can add the Magic Watering Can to your toolbelt for an infinite water supply for farming.  Magic Secateurs gives you a 5 in 6 chance to continue harvesting items after the guaranteed 3.  This is compared to the normal secateurs which gives you a 3 in 4 chance to continue harvesting items after the guaranteed 3.
  • Added Dragon Chainbody, Dragon 2h, and Queen's Secateurs to Kalphite Queen's drops.  Queen's Secateurs work similar to Magic Secateurs, but instead give a 7 in 8 chance to continue harvesting items.
  • Removed Dragon 2h from shops, changed DDS to DDP in shops.  Now, get DDS from a few monsters throughout the game.
  • Changed prices of some items
  • Added in link to rules in quest tab
  • Lowered hard clue scroll threshold to 166 (for Frost Dragons, etc.)
  • Removed getting noted items from wildy skilling area (for now, this will be reverted when we get more players)
  • Made superheat item give necessary smithing xp for smelting the bar
  • Added construction multiplier to increase all construction xp gained (Construction still has the non-instanced issue)
  • Added necessary player rights for Manager position, currently held by Eyan.
  • Nerfed defender drop rate for non-staff


  • Fixed issue where having certain boss pets spawn changed definitions of actual bosses when you teleported there.

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