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Updates 8-22-17

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Here's the updates for 8-23-17!  This is a big one with a lot of new stuff!  Enjoy!

  • Added Daily Events!
    • Motivote Monday - double vote points
    • Treasure Tuesday - double clue scroll drop chance
    • Bossing Wednesday - double boss points
    • Throwdown Thursday - double pk points
    • Bonus XP Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - bonus xp
  • Added new Zogres & Skogres minigame!
    • Teleport to the Zogres & Skogres area in the minigame teleports to try your luck at receiving ogre coffin keys.  Open the ogre coffins within the area with them and receive special rewards!  Be on the look out for a special, ogre artefact, which grants you double damage towards Slash Bash, and provides you with a chance to receive a special drop from him. (Currently, it's just an uncut onyx, I haven't figured out what I want the rewards to be, but I wanted to get the content to you all.  I recommend saving up on the ogre artefacts for when I add the special drops.)
  • Buffed all stats for Slash Bash by 50%.
  • Ogres and Jogres now have a change to drop Jogre Bones instead of useless Ogre Ribs.
  • Changed Kalphie Queen drops to second form
  • Added Kingly Impling spawns to Donator Zone and Elite Donator Zone.  There are now five in each, along with the ones in Puro Puro.
  • Fixed issues with crystal chest and decreased delay time.
  • Removed unlimitted prayer from Moderator rank.
  • Added ability to pray and use bones on altars in player-owned-houses.
  • Offering bones at altars provide the same multipliers as real RS with two burners lit.
  • Nerfed multiplier for offering bones on normal altars from 3.5x to 2x.
  • Buffed bury xp of bones by 50% to compensate for the nerfed normal altar. Offering Frost Dragon Bones at your guilded altar now provides the best xp in game, besides curved and long bone offerings.
  • Made a few text changes.

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