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Updates 8-3-17

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Hey, guys!  Sorry it's taken so long to get another update out, but as you all may have known, I was working on a big update.  Well, here it is:

  • Added cache for multiple new items in the game, be on the lookout soon for different items (and maybe bosses) being added!

  • Reduced price of Nex armor sets to 50 points in donator store

  • Reduced max hit multiplier of nex sets to 1.2x from 1.3x

  • Added hybrid armor sets. Vanguard, Trickster, and Battle-Mage armor can now be found in the donator store.  These are donator exclusives.  A full hybrid armor set gives players a 1.4x max hit multiplier for the primary combat style the set is designed for, plus a 1.2x damage multiplier for the secondary combat style.

  • Added Vine Whip.  This is currently a donator exclusive, but will be available as a future boss drop.  Stats are (currently) 1.25x that of the regular Abyssal Whip.

  • Added Drygore Rapier and Drygore Longsword.  These are donator exclusives.  Stats are (currently) 1.25x that of the Primal Rapier and Primal Longsword, respectively.  I plan to add the ability to change the color of your Drygores in the future.

  • Fixed text input issues, now you can type quotation marks.

  • Added bolt racks to stardust shop

  • Removed unlimited prayer from Moderator rank

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