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Updates 4-5-17

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Here is the update log for 4-5-17!

  • Changed donator tiers.  Now the tiers are as follows:
    • Sapphire - Donated $10 or more
    • Emerald - Donated $50 or more
    • Ruby - Donated $100 or more
    • Diamond - Donated $250 or more
    • Dragonstone - Donated $500 or more
    • Onyx - Donated $1,000 or more

    (Still need to update cache with new icons) (Still need to update cache with new icons)

  • Will be adding donator benefits VERY soon

  • Added mort myre fungus to Vampire and Slash Bash drop tables

  • Added Arcane Stream Necklace to Dungeoneering shop

  • Made bonus for slayer helm, hexcrest, focus sight, and full slayer helm work for any monster

  • Added DAMAGE MULTIPLIER for wearing full Nex sets.  You now do 1.3X DAMAGE while wearing a full set in PVM OR PVP.

  • Added Staff of Light damage multiplier (Staff of Light and Chaotic Staff are now the best two staves)

  • Corrected spirit shield damage protection and prayer drain

  • Fixed a few math answer clues

  • Fixed equipping type for Virtus Mask and Pernix Cowl so they look better

  • Made Dungeoneering Hood equip in head slot

  • Corrected "::attacks" command
     (can now be used with prayer bonuses, potion bonuses, etc)

  • Fixed ::vote and ::donate links

  • Nerfed abyssal whip

  • Added more rares to donator shop

  • Added ::afk command with different animations for each player type.  Normal players sit on the ground like normal.  Sapphire

  • Diamond players sit in a ghost chair.  Dragonstone and Onyx members, along with Veterans sit in a bone chair.

  • Buffed clue scroll chances and changed some items

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