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You may have seen a server announcement in-game here and there reminding you to vote, but some of you may have never thought to vote before.  There are plenty of benefits involved in voting to warrant your time and energy.

Benefits for you:

  • Each auth code you claim rewards you with a vote book, which you can sell to other players or claim yourself.  The reward for claiming the book is 1,000,000 GP each and 1 Vote Point (which means 12m GP and 12 Vote Points if you vote on all the sites!).  Vote Points can be used at the vote shop which contains the following items (currently 7/18/17):


  • As of 9-26-17, claiming an auth code gives you a 5% chance to receive a mystery box as well!
  • Claiming votes is actually an achievement for comp cape, so if you want to comp, there's some motivation already.
  • Voting a lot means you're dedicated to the server and you wish to see it grow.  Being part of that growth is very important when being considered for any staff position.

Benefits for the Server:

  • The more votes a server has, the higher it shows up on the different top lists.  Top list searchers looking for a new server to play typically either scan through the top 10-15 servers or the servers that have only a few votes and are brand new.  Players either want an established server where everything is ready for them or they want to get on a young server and get their foot in the door to have a better chance at becoming staff.  Currently, we're right under the top on most top lists.  Your constant voting can help us inch higher and higher until we obtain newer players who will do the same.
  • Many RSPS players are aware that most servers now have automatic vote rewards.  This is a nice selling point for them, so when they see a server with a bunch of votes, they think that the server must not only be good enough for people to vote for it, but they think it must have great voting benefits.

I have a few ideas to make voting even more beneficial to the player in the future.  If you love the game and would like to see it grow, please consider voting twice a day.  Thank you!


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Updated store screenshot and added bit about mystery box chance.

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