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Summoning Skill Guide

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Summoning is one of those skills which can be really usefull if you like PvM'ing by using either the Pack Yack or Steel Titan. However, there are two main methods to get 99 Summoning on this server. The majority of the players prefer (in the time of writing this guide) to get 99 Summoning by using Method 2 - Charming Imp, since this method is WAY less tedious and WAY faster compared to Method 1 - Creating Pouches. Nevertheless, I do cover both methods.


This method is the "traditional" way of training Summoning. You need to collect Charms and use them strategically to get 99 summoning. Personally I did not use this method to get 99. But this guide would not be complete without it. 

To get the most XP per charms you should use them according to the table shown below, since the other pouches do no give you as much XP.

Source: https://www.lunagang.nl/skill/summoning/trainen/

It should be noted that you might want to save up on your crimson charms to make either Pack Yaks or Steel titans (for achievement and PvM'ing). 

When you've gathered plenty of charms you can create pouches by teleporting to the Summoning spot and buy the shards, pouches and ingredients needed from Pikkuptix.You can find all needed ingredients by checking the Obelisk.


If you use the charms according to the table mentioned above you should reach 99 the most effiecient way. However I do recommend Method 2 which is explained in detail below.


For this method you need to have the following:

- Charming Imp
- Cannon Base
- Cannon Furnace
- Cannon Barrels
- Cannon Stand
- Cannon Balls
- Blood, Death and Water Runes*

- Ancient Spell Book*
- 94 Magic*
- Magic Gear*

* optional

The Cannon isn't neccesarily needed but does make it WAY easier and quicker. The Charming Imp is mandatory for this method which you can get by buying it from Thok (The Dungeoneering Master) with 100k Dungeoneering Tokens or from the Boss Point Shop for 250 Boss Points. 


When you have you Charming Imp, configure it you imp by typing ::imp. Configure it as follows

- Gold Charm, Green Charm and Blue Charm turn automatically to XP
- Crimson Charm automatically pick up

This is not mandatory but you will need to make 500 steel titans for an achievement, which require Crimson Charms. So you might aswell want to pick these up.

When you are geared up and brought your Runes, Cannon and Charming Imp, teleport to Rock Crabs. Walk to the West through the tunnel to the Multi area. Otherwise your cannon would not make much sense.


Setup your cannon and load it up. Make sure you have Auto Retaliate on and autocast Ice Barrage. Basically all you have to do right now is just wait and every now and than refill your cannon.



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Incomplete guide.  Image should be of 120 cape.  Downvote, -1.

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17 hours ago, Kabooyah said:

Lol, I would but I am not maxed yet :( 

I was just kidding, bud lol

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Great guide, personally I used the charming imp to get 99 summoning and then 200m summoning exp but I didn't camp rock crabs, there are several monsters in the game with good charm drops such as Kraken or Scorpia.

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