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Hunter Skill Guide

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Start off by teleporting to the Puro Puro (by clicking the Hunter skill). Talk to the Hunter Expert and buy the following:

  • 2x Impling Jars
  • 1x Butterfly Net
  • 3x Bird Snares
  • 3x Box Traps



Catch two Baby Implings in Puro Puro by using your butterfly net and impling jars. You should have reached level 28 by now. Teleport to Karamja Trap Area. Bank your impling jars and store temporarily your Box Traps and start by catching Tropical Wagtail by using the Bird Snares. 

It should be noted that you should place your Bird Snare in a square right next to the bird, because then you will capture the bird immediately. See the image below. You should place your Bird Snare in the marked area. The dashed square is the square where the bird itself is located.


Keep doing this until you reach level 63. You will be able to catch both the normal and Red Chinchompa. Dump all the bird snares, bones, feathers and bird meat you've received from the birds and get the box traps from the bank. 

There are many tactics to use box traps efficiently. But I prefer to capture both the regular and Red Chinchompa at the following spot:


The reason why I like this spot, I because it is right next to 2 spawn spots of Red Chinchompas and 1 Normal Chinchompa. If you place the boxes within the red marked areas (see image below) you will capture the Chinchompas right after they are spawned. This will generate experience quite quickly. 


Repeat until you've reached level 99 :)


The tables below shop the amount of experience you'll recieve per catch and the second table displays the amount of captures you'll need to do to reach to a certain level:




However, if you are using the method mentioned above you will capture 1/3 Normal Chinchompas and 2/3 Red Chinchompas. Thus the actual amount of Red/Normal Chinchompas that are needed for 99 are as followed:





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Posted (edited)

Insane guide i can see the hard work you have put in there. Goodwork

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