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Below is a list of all current Salvage-PS Rules!
Read them carefully and reply here if you have any questions!

All rules on this list will be strictly enforced by staff.  Just because something may not appear on this list does not necessarily mean it is okay to do.  If you are confused about something a little sketchy, ask a staff member.

VPN voting is not allowed, anyone caught VPN voting may be IP banned.

You can have up to three accounts logged in at one time, but none of the accounts can be performing the same task.

Account Sharing
Account sharing is allowed, but if one account needs to be IP banned, all IPs registered to that account will be banned as well.

Real World Trading
You are not allowed to trade Salvage-PS Gold, items, or accounts for any form of currency outside of Salvage-PS.

You are not allowed to use a bot or macro. If found using one of these you will be jailed and may be banned.  Auto-clicking is permitted ONLY if you are present and able to respond to other players and/or staff.  If you're AFK and still performing the task requiring the use of a click, there will be similar consequences to using a bot or macro.

Bug Abuse
Do not abuse any bugs you may find, if you find a bug report it to an Admin or the Owner. Your account may be rolled back or banned.

Any form of item duping or item generation is not allowed. You will be banned or possibly IP banned.

Do NOT threaten anyone on the server. You will be muted, possibly IP muted, or even IP banned if severe.

Absolutely no flaming towards anyone, be respectful of everyone. Anyone caught flaming towards a member will be muted and anyone caught flaming towards a staff member will be IP muted. May result in an IP ban as well.

You will NOT be refunded any items if you do not have video proof of the person who scammed you. If you are caught scamming you will be banned or possibly IP banned.

Do not hack anyone's account. If you do not have permission by the creator of the account to be on the said account, you will be IP banned.

Starter Pack Farming
Anyone who logs onto new accounts to trade over gold and items is not allowed. You will be IP banned if caught trading from more than 3 accounts.

Staff Impersonation
Anyone caught impersonating staff will be IP banned.

Abusing Help
If you are caught requesting for help in the Duel Arena or Wilderness with malicious intent, you will be jailed or banned.

Pk Point Farming
Killing other accounts in the wilderness with a malicious intent of trying to boost your PkP or KDR is against the rules and can lead to a ban.

Ragging becomes against the rules if it is taken to an extreme and prevents players from being able to be in the wilderness. Ragging the same person over and over will be considered Pk Point Farming and will be dealt with accordingly.

Leaking IP Addresses
Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban.

Same with flaming there will be absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. You will be muted or IP muted.

Advertising any server that is online is not permitted. You may talk about servers that are no longer online nor will ever be again. You will be muted or IP banned under drastic circumstances.

These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP ban.

Prolonged AFKing is discouraged, but not prohibited.  Players who are inactive (exhibited by the loopy birds graphic) will not receive loyalty points.  Staff are not encouraged to be AFK for long periods of time, as players may try to contact you for various reasons when they see you online.  Players who are extended AFK, but do NOT have the loopy birds graphic showing will be kicked for the suspicion of using some sort of auto-clicker or other piece of software to manipulate their presence.  Continued non-inactive AFKing will have further consequences.

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