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Updates 7-14-17

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Here are the updates for 7-14-17!

  • Added Boss Point shop!  Kill bosses for boss points and spend them in the shop!  Some items have unexpected benefits, so look on the forums for their bonuses!
  • Improved Donator Zone by adding a donator-only shop, the donation points shops, and a few other things.
  • Added Elite Donator Zone for Diamond+ Donators.  Get there by using the teleport in the donator zone or type ::edzone, ::edi, or ::edz.  The EDZ contains a few afk-able skilling objects (chop noted logs at the magic tree, burn noted magic logs at the fire, mine rune ore without depleting the rock, fish noted rocktails at the rocktail barrel)
  • Changed some clue scroll hints (same answers for the most part), more to come in the future.
  • Added support for future daily events.
  • Added charm box which rewards 10-25 charms of each type
  • Added level 90 Thieving Rune Armor Stand to Donator Zone and Elite Donator Zone.  If you're in the Donator Zone, the stand rewards a random rune armor piece.  If you're in the Elite Donator Zone, it rewards the coin value of whatever that random piece was worth.

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