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Updates 10-19-17

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Hey everyone, here's the updates for 10-19-17.  Sorry it's taken so long to get another update out, but I've been SUPER busy at work (where I usually work on the game...shhhh):

  • For a limitted time, earn 50% MORE donator points for every donation!  To celebrate Justin's birthday, this event will be going on until October 28th!
  • Buffed Toxic Blowpipe accuracy by 50% and drastically increased damage multiplier for each dart type
  • Fixed "Defeat Kalphite Queen" achievement
  • Construction changes:
    • Fixed issue where players could remove garden with the only exit portal in it
    • Fixed issue where players could not enter home when not having an exit portal
    • Fixed issue where removing an exit portal or decorative rock in a formal garden would spawn wrong hotspot, allowing players to mass-click any formal garden-specific furniture to gain xp without building anything
    • Changed teleport location for house exit portal to right outside portal instead of construction teleport
    • Fixed some required items for different house furniture including stuffed heads
  • Added Crawling Hand, Abyssal Demon Head, and Kalphite Queen head to their respective drop tables
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Even though you're busy at work, appreciate you still giving us updates! :) Also you've made me really want a blowpipe now :P

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Nice update, blowpipe definitely needed a buff.
Happy Birthday Justin!

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