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Guide - Agility.

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Hey guys  , Will add photos and pictures when  I can.

There is also an Agility Shop.

Dragonkin Lamps - 300 tickets

Agile top - 60 tickets

Agile Legs - 60 tickets

Starting .

1. Skills Tab.

2. Agility Tab Click.

3 Options will appear. 

Gnome Strong Hold - 1 - 35 -- 10,424 -- 11,424 XP on Completion

Barbarian Outpost - 35 - 55 -  ( 25 Laps needed for achievement) -- 15,155 -- 16,155 XP on Completion

Wilderness Course - 55 - 99 - 6 tickets per lap( 100 laps needed for achievement) -- 22,319 -- 24,319 XP on Completion .

Will also need to spend 1000 tickets to be spent on Agility Xp for an achievement .


Once 99 teleport home and buy that Juicy Skill cape.




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Nice guide, good to see a few more up now.

2 thoughts I had:

Might want to add that you can trade in agility tickets for exp and that the exp your recieve from trading them in scales with all bonus exp (brawlers, vote book, well of goodwill, and weekend bonus, donor rank bonus.)

Also I'm not sure how accurate the lap completion exps you have listed are since it scales with all bonus exp as well, if those are the base amounts might want to add a note that they will vary based on bonus exp.

But overall great job Brad the legend!


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