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Updates 7-7-17

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Here are the updates for 7-7-17:

  • Moved a Guard at home away from prayer altar
  • Moved Revenant Dark Beast out of tree in Ghost Town
  • Added Quest Cape to Vote Store
  • Replaced Godswords in Stardust Shop with Barrows Sets
  • Changed value of stardust to 50k each
  • Changed the timer for spawning the crashed star to 2 hours (will decrease again when we get more players)
  • Halved the amount of time a server announcement pops up
  • Added color to vote reminder announcement
  • Made Ghost Town a Multi-Combat area
  • Made Firemaking possible in Donator Zone
  • Changed prices of items in Vote Store to better reflect new toplists
  • Moved Thieving teleport to home
  • Changed regular player ::afk animation id to one that works
  • Added claim instructions when you type ::donate
  • Removed intermediate dialog on Farming skill teleport
  • Added prospect option to crashed star to tell you what percentage of the star is left
  • Added 25 auth claim limit within a 24-hour period
  • You must now wait at least three seconds to claim an auth after claiming another

Be looking out for plenty more coming at you soon!

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