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    • Justin

      Shutting Down Salvage   03/05/2018

      Well...I've always hoped I wouldn't have to make this post, but I think it's time. Unfortunately, I'm going to be shutting down the server.  I just don't have enough time to bring you all the content you deserve.  It really does suck because I've put a bunch of work into the server, the website, and everything else that goes along with it, but it's time to accept it.  Besides not having enough time to develop what needs to be developed, the multiple $300 15-day advertisements, expensive premium listings, and other forms of marketing weren't really working for us, so it's hard to have the motivation to continue. What kept me going was you all, the players.  I loved the reactions I received after each update and the overall support for wanting to see us grow.  Many of you all have donated to help keep the server running, and it worked out for a long time, but we were just never able to get over that 25 online threshold.  Regardless, thank you to our generous donators.  We would not have made it this far without you all.  I must say it again...thank you. At one time, our community was strong and it seemed like only a matter of time before we would grow bigger, but something happened and that time has passed.  Other servers nowadays are just too far ahead of us with OSRS content that it's hard to compete.  Let alone, OSRS has snagged a bunch of private server players again because of how much content Jagex's team is pumping into it.  As a one-owner/developer private server, it's just too much to keep up with.  These other servers have entire teams on payroll thanks to their years of success.  It's difficult to measure up to these guys starting out by myself and not having enough income to support a few other developers. As far as the future goes, my vision is muddy.  I would like to think I'd be able to re-launch the server in the future once I have more time, but as a full-time employee of a tech company where I do software development 40+ hours a week, I'd like my hobbies/free time to not include programming.  If I do re-launch, you'll receive an email saying so.  Until then, I recommend checking out some of these other servers which I've been playing around on to try to spawn some ideas: Battlescape - It's a nice old school server with a ton of new OSRS features, but they do seem to pad their player count (I literally counted 35 people when it said over 100 were online). Survive-RS - This is a brand new server with a bunch of potential.  It's a survival-style take on OSRS, where there's zombies all over the place and you have to eat to replensih energy and scavenge for your equipment.  It's currently in beta, so there are some bugs, but the gameplay is very fun.  I see some similar qualities to myself in the owner as well. *Note, I was not paid to link these...I just enjoyed playing them. The website will be up until the middle of April and I'll be taking the server offline today.  Thank you to everyone who brought wonderful suggestions to the game and an awesome personality to the community.  Maybe we'll see each other again on another go around.  On behalf of the rest of the Salvage staff, thank you and farewell.   -Justin

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Found 7 results

  1. Thieving Skill Guide

    THIEVING GUIDE by KABOOYAH Credits - @jdmmills & @Virtus 1. INTRODUCTION Thieving is one the most straightforward skills out there, but still there are some things that might be useful for you to know. 2. TRAINING LOCATIONS There are two main training locations: near the home teleport (or just use thieving teleport) and one the donor zone (::dz). Both locations have the same stands. The only difference between the thieving spot at home and at donorzone is that you can also steal rune items from a Rune Armour stand which gives quite good XP at the donorzone. The Rune Armour stand gives several different Rune items. For example: Rune kiteshields, boots, full helm, plate etc. If you have a donorstatus you will not only have access to the Rune Armour Stand but also all the things that you steal from any stall (except for the Rune Armour Stand) will be noted. This makes it much easier for you to level up obviously. This also works on the stalls at the Regular Thieving Location. It must be noted that there is also a Rune Armour stand in the Extreme Donorzone. This gives you cash instantly instead of the items, which saves you some banking time. So this is the best way to get to 200m XP, since by the time you are an Extreme Donor you probably already have 99 Thieving 3. TRAINING EXPERIENCE The table below shows the amount of experience you will get per stall and money you will earn per item. This translates to the following amount of items that you will need to steal: The items which you steal can be sold to the guy standing right next to the stalls. Thieving is not the best way to make money, but it does makes some money. The table below shows how much money you will make. Note that the Rune Armour stand is not included do to the variances in prices. GOOD LUCK!
  2. Herblore Skill Guide

    HERBLORE GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION This guide only includes potions that are mentioned in the ingredients book. However some of these potions are skipped since they did not worked at the moment this guide was written. This however should not really change the guide in the future. 2. COLLECT HERBS For Herblore you obviously need herbs. These can be collected in several ways. You receive quite a lot of herbs from PvM'ing. Monsters do not only drop directly herbs but also caskets. These can give you quite some herbs aswell. Check out ::drops if the monsters you want to kill drop the herbs you want. Rock Crabs can be (for example) a decent way to get herbs. If you are going for 99 farming aswell than you can get the majority of your herbs with farming. Personally I went for 99 farming first before doing herblore, since you will get these herbs anyway and complemented these with herbs received from PvM. 3. INGREDIENTS BOOK The server has an ingredient book with the recipes for all the potions. However, this guide would not be complete without it. The majority of the ingredients (except for herbs) can be bought at the Druid Spirit at the Herblore Teleport. The only herb you can buy is the Guam Herb. 4. EXPERIENCE You will get experience for cleaning a grimy herb, combining vial of water with a herb and combining this again with the third ingredient. Combining the vial of water with the herb only gives you 1 xp so this is negligible. Cleaning the herbs will give you decent XP (a table with the experience that you'll get will be added soon). However, the majority of the XP is gained by combining the vial with the herb and the third ingredient. The total XP that you will get (without cleaning the herb) is listed below: This table might be a too much but the most important thing this table display, is that the Super Antifire (level 85) gives the most experience per potion. Thus the extremes and overload are not really good for levelling. After 85 you should just make Super Antifires (get Antifire (4) from the Healer at Home), take 1 sip from it (to make it a Antifire (3)) and combine it with a Phoenix Feather from the Druid Spirit. Since the level difference between potions is quite small, I won't give up a list as usual with the amount of potions you need to make per level etc. However, once you've reached level 85 you should continue with only Super Antifires. The following amount is needed to reach 99 and 200m XP. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Summoning Skill Guide

    SUMMONING GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION Summoning is one of those skills which can be really usefull if you like PvM'ing by using either the Pack Yack or Steel Titan. However, there are two main methods to get 99 Summoning on this server. The majority of the players prefer (in the time of writing this guide) to get 99 Summoning by using Method 2 - Charming Imp, since this method is WAY less tedious and WAY faster compared to Method 1 - Creating Pouches. Nevertheless, I do cover both methods. 2. TRAINING METHOD 1 - CREATING POUCHES This method is the "traditional" way of training Summoning. You need to collect Charms and use them strategically to get 99 summoning. Personally I did not use this method to get 99. But this guide would not be complete without it. To get the most XP per charms you should use them according to the table shown below, since the other pouches do no give you as much XP. Source: https://www.lunagang.nl/skill/summoning/trainen/ It should be noted that you might want to save up on your crimson charms to make either Pack Yaks or Steel titans (for achievement and PvM'ing). When you've gathered plenty of charms you can create pouches by teleporting to the Summoning spot and buy the shards, pouches and ingredients needed from Pikkuptix.You can find all needed ingredients by checking the Obelisk. If you use the charms according to the table mentioned above you should reach 99 the most effiecient way. However I do recommend Method 2 which is explained in detail below. 3. TRAINING METHOD 2 - CHARMING IMP For this method you need to have the following: - Charming Imp - Cannon Base - Cannon Furnace - Cannon Barrels - Cannon Stand - Cannon Balls - Blood, Death and Water Runes* - Ancient Spell Book* - 94 Magic* - Magic Gear* * optional The Cannon isn't neccesarily needed but does make it WAY easier and quicker. The Charming Imp is mandatory for this method which you can get by buying it from Thok (The Dungeoneering Master) with 100k Dungeoneering Tokens or from the Boss Point Shop for 250 Boss Points. When you have you Charming Imp, configure it you imp by typing ::imp. Configure it as follows - Gold Charm, Green Charm and Blue Charm turn automatically to XP - Crimson Charm automatically pick up This is not mandatory but you will need to make 500 steel titans for an achievement, which require Crimson Charms. So you might aswell want to pick these up. When you are geared up and brought your Runes, Cannon and Charming Imp, teleport to Rock Crabs. Walk to the West through the tunnel to the Multi area. Otherwise your cannon would not make much sense. Setup your cannon and load it up. Make sure you have Auto Retaliate on and autocast Ice Barrage. Basically all you have to do right now is just wait and every now and than refill your cannon. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Construction Skill Guide

    CONSTRUCTION GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION Getting 99 Construction can be achieved on several ways. One person might prefer one way compared to another. However, @jdmmills and I try to find the best way to get XP on this server. 2. TRAINING Teleport to the Construction location and talk to the Estate Agent. Buy a few Steel Nails (100 should do) and fill up on Planks. Use the teleport and enter your house. Around the portal, build the following rooms: - Dining Room - Parlour - Kitchen - Costume Room To be most efficient you should build them all around the portal obviously for example like this: We found out that Cape Racks (Costume Room) are very good way to get XP. So we need to get to level 54 to start making them. You can get to this level in several ways. The table below gives just one example. The Cape Racks however are recommended. The amount of XP that you get per item is listed below: Instead of Oak Larders you could also make tables in the Dining Room. But like I said, many ways are possible. The next table shows how many items you need to construct to reach 99 construction: GOOD LUCK!
  5. Hunter Skill Guide

    HUNTER GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION Start off by teleporting to the Puro Puro (by clicking the Hunter skill). Talk to the Hunter Expert and buy the following: 2x Impling Jars 1x Butterfly Net 3x Bird Snares 3x Box Traps 2. TRAINING Catch two Baby Implings in Puro Puro by using your butterfly net and impling jars. You should have reached level 28 by now. Teleport to Karamja Trap Area. Bank your impling jars and store temporarily your Box Traps and start by catching Tropical Wagtail by using the Bird Snares. It should be noted that you should place your Bird Snare in a square right next to the bird, because then you will capture the bird immediately. See the image below. You should place your Bird Snare in the marked area. The dashed square is the square where the bird itself is located. Keep doing this until you reach level 63. You will be able to catch both the normal and Red Chinchompa. Dump all the bird snares, bones, feathers and bird meat you've received from the birds and get the box traps from the bank. There are many tactics to use box traps efficiently. But I prefer to capture both the regular and Red Chinchompa at the following spot: The reason why I like this spot, I because it is right next to 2 spawn spots of Red Chinchompas and 1 Normal Chinchompa. If you place the boxes within the red marked areas (see image below) you will capture the Chinchompas right after they are spawned. This will generate experience quite quickly. Repeat until you've reached level 99 3. EXPERIENCE The tables below shop the amount of experience you'll recieve per catch and the second table displays the amount of captures you'll need to do to reach to a certain level: However, if you are using the method mentioned above you will capture 1/3 Normal Chinchompas and 2/3 Red Chinchompas. Thus the actual amount of Red/Normal Chinchompas that are needed for 99 are as followed: GOOD LUCK!
  6. Mining Skill Guide

    MINING GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION Start off by teleporting to the Mining Camp. This can be achieved by clicking on the Mining skill in your skill tab. Select "Teleport: Mining Camp". In this area you will find all the rocks ranging from Copper up to Rune and also a bank. First go to the Mining Instruction. Buy the Bronze and Rune Pickaxe Equip the Bronze Pickaxe and add the Rune Pickaxe to your toolbelt. See image: Alright, now you are ready to level up your Mining 2. REGULAR TRAINING As mentioned before, in the Mining Area you will find all the rocks that you need ranging from Copper up to Rune. In the table below, you will find a overview of the XP gained per ore and the required ore that needs to be collected to reach level 99. Note the different Donator Multiplier levels. Start mining the ores and bank them when filled up in the nearby bank EXPERIENCE PER ORE TOTAL ORES NEEDED 3. STARDUST TRAINING (PERSONAL PREFERENCE) It is also possible to start collecting Stardust when you've reached level 80. Star Dust can be used to buy a Dragon Pickaxe (500 Stardust), Coal (2 Stardust) Godsword Blade (3000 Stardust) or a Barrows Set (5000 Stardust) at the Stardust Shop in the Mining Camp. Stardust can be collected by mining a Crashed Star. The Crashed Star is one of the random events on the server. It spawns every now and then in a random location in the world. You will be notified if a new Crashed Star is located in the chat box. You can also check the Quest Tab to see if there is a Crashed Star, and if so, the location is mention too. Teleport to the location and start mining the Star. You wil receive loads of Gems so you will probably have to bank now and then. There is also a chance of getting an uncut Onyx. The amount Stardust that you get from a Crashed Star can reach up to roughly 1000 Stardust if you solo it. The reason why I prefer this method compared to the traditional method, is that you can get items like Barrows and a Dragon Pickaxe. But more importantly, this method is WAY WAY WAY more AFK'ble compared to the previous method. And the amount of XP gained is quite decent! GOOD LUCK!
  7. Woodcutting Skill Guide

    WOODCUTTING GUIDE by KABOOYAH 1. INTRODUCTION Start off by teleporting to the beginners Woodcutting area. This can be achieved by clicking on the Woodcutting skill in your skill tab. Select "Teleport: Low-Level Woodcutting". In this area you will find Trees, Oak Trees, Willow Trees and Maple Trees. But also the Wilfred the Lumberjack who sells hatchets. Buy the Bronze and Rune hatchet. Equip the Bronze hatchet and add the Rune Hatchet to your toolbelt. See image: If you want you can also get a Dragon Hatchet (level 61) which is dropped by the Dagganoth Kings (or buy it of course). Alright, now you are ready to level up your Woodcutting 2. TRAINING As mentioned before, in the Low Level Woodcutting Area you will find Trees (level 1), Oak Trees (level 15), Willow Trees (level 30) and Maple Trees (level 55). Yew (level 60) and Magic Trees (level 75) can be found in the High Level Woodcutting Area. The Magic Elite logs can only be found in the Diamond+ Donator Area. In the table below, you will find a overview of the XP gained per log and the required logs that needs to be collected to reach level 99. Note the different Donator Multiplier levels. You will get Magic Logs in noted form if you chop down a Magic Elite tree, hence the relatively lower XP rate. Since these are not available for <Diamond Donators there is no XP rate for the other Ranks. EXPERIENCE PER LOG TOTAL LOGS NEEDED GOOD LUCK!