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  1. Updates 10-19-17

    I like this one! Good job!
  2. Ok guys will be gone for a couple days so here is some sauce. This pass weekend was focused on more skills and getting 99's. Also met some new players which is always good.
  3. Primal Outside Dungeoneering

    I like it
  4. After only 2 days playing this new amazing server I stumbled up on my ironman is looking pretty solid. I managed to get a dramatic visage drop from frost dragons today. Also got agile top and bottom. Lastly, I finally got my first donation out the way. More to come!!
  5. As of now still fresh to the server.
  6. Ironman Quest to Comp

    Hello every my name is Terrance (Iron Task in-game). I was wondering how you guys would feel about me starting a series with my ironman. Post feedback for me if you suggest I do it.
  7. Ironman Quest to Comp

    Thank you
  8. Ironman Quest to Comp

    I will be starting it soon! Thank you