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  1. Hiya!

    I have been online for a few days and a few hours.. and notice very much people afking/loyalty points farming..
    I do not like to point names yet, but I noticed it are most likely high rated players with ranks or just status..

    @rules post

    To be honest I'd think that the rules should apply to everyone..

    A suggestion I have is instead of getting those sparklings around you, just give people one warning, then log them of at the second warning..
    This also fixes people farming stardust by just mining stardust and walk away from there pc or something..

    It annoys me a lot to get online and no one responding to you. I'd rather be the only one online at that moment..
    Especially people with higher ranks should be an example how the rules works.




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  2. Hi folks my name is Justin, in game 1337.

    I played a few times now and you will prob see me more.
    Although I am not extremely active but if ya see me around, hit me up for duo slayer or Dungeoneering if you like to ;)

    I am coder for living, but I am not really into RSPS coding.. still if you have some code related questions, hit me up. I am proficient with C++, c# and Java.

    Nice to meet ya! and hopefully see you soon in game! :) 


    Greetz 1337.