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      I'm BACK!   11/22/2017

      Hey everyone! It's been a solid month since I've been active thanks to that business trip and CoD WW2 coming out, but I'm back!  I've been working behind the scenes on getting Zulrah finished to really come back with a bang.  Zulrah will drop the toxic blowpipe, of course, but there's also some other things I have in the works that will really be exciting.  I won't really be online until I get this all finished, but I plan on seeing a lot of you back online here soon!  Thanks for sticking with us while I've been gone.  I appreciate everyone's patience. ~Justin


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  1. Berserk Necklace is

    -10 Stab, Slash, Crush

    -20 Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic, Range

    +7 Str

    +3 Prayer

    This is a useless item because Glory's give +6 str and w.e. It would be a nice to make these stats better and make the item useable.


    Also Shift click would be a good idea


    Being able to sell the Obi capes and those asorted items for the Tokenz maybe at like 1/5 or 2/5 the price since the items are not valueable.