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  1. Hello everyone, here i am today to suggest something special.

    As many of you knows that primal is the best armour in dungeoneering, and it's looking pretty sweet too.
    So i was thinking if maybe each time you finish a Dungeon on complexity 4 you have a rare chance of getting a primal piece.

    So that may add Primal to the economy.

    That's my suggestion ^^.

    -Let me know what you think on the poll above.

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  2. Hello everyone, here i am to suggest to extend Slayer task's from 20 kills +-, to 40-60 so you can stay longer at your slayer spot, and also with this change points u get from a task will be Adapted to monsters you have killed. Or it could be like u can choose how many you wanna kill, and the points you get after completing a task will be adapted to how many you killed.

    -Let me know on the poll above.

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    NOTE: This price list will be regurarly updated, stay tuned!

    * = New content.

    *-Queen's Secateurs: 100M.

    *-Dragon Chainbody: 150M.

    *-Dragon Platebody: 500M.

    -Christmas Cracker: 5,000M.

    -Ring of the Gods: 650M.

    -Treasonous Ring: 650M.

    -Tyrannical Ring: 650M.

    -Dragon Full Helm: 450M.

    -Odium Ward: 500M.

    -Malediction Ward: 500M.

    -Dragon Warhammer: 750M.

    -Steadfast Boots: 150M.

    -Ragefire Boots: 150M.

    -Glaiven Boots: 150M.

    -Armadyl Godsword: 500M.

    -Saradomin Godsword: 400M.

    -Zamorak Godsword: 300M.

    -Bandos Godsword: 300M.

    -Loop half of a key: 5M.

    -Tooth half of a key: 5M.

    -Crystal key: 10M.

    -Abyssal whip: 50-75M.

    -Godsword shards 1: 15M.

    -Godsword shards 2: 15M.

    -Godsword shards 3: 15M.

    -Godsword Blade: 40-50M.

    -Ring of Wealth: 700-900M.

    -Saradomin sword: 60-80M.

    -Amulet of fury: 80-110M.

    -Uncut Onyx: 80M.

    -Amulet of fury (or): 400-500M.

    -Amulet of ranging: 50-75M.

    -Ahrim set: 250-300M.

    -Guthan set: 250-300M.

    -Verac set: 250-300M.

    -Dharok set: 250-300M.

    -Karil set: 250-300M.

    -Zamorakian spear: 500-750M.

    -Steel titan pouch: 1-2M.

    -Draconic Visage: 30M.

    -Dragonfire shield: 40M.

    -Vesta's Set: 500M.

    -Vesta's Longsword: 100M.

    -Vesta's Chainbody: 200M.

    -Vesta's Plateskirt: 200M.

    -Statius's Set: 600M.

    -Statius's Warhammer: 100M.

    -Statius's Full helm: 100-150M.

    -Statius's Platebody: 200M.

    -Statius's Platelegs: 200M.

    -Zuriel's Set: 500M.

    -Zuriel's Staff: 100M.

    -Zuriel's Hood: 100M.

    -Zuriel's Robe top: 150M.

    -Zuriel's Robe bottom: 150M.

    -Morrigan's Set: 400-450M.

    -Morrigan's Coif: 100-150M.

    -Morrigan's Leather Body: 150M.

    -Morrigan's Leather chaps: 150M.

    -Dragon Claws: 1,000-1,500M.

    -Torva Full Set: 3,000M.

    -Torva Full Helm: 750M.

    -Torva Platebody: 1,000M.

    -Torva Platelegs: 1,000M.

    -Virtus Full Set: 3,000M.

    -Virtus Mask: 750M.

    -Virtus Robe Top: 1.000M.

    -Virtus Robe Legs: 1.000M.

    -Pernix Full Set: 3,000M.

    -Pernix Cowl: 750M.

    -Pernix Body: 1,000M.

    -Pernix Chaps: 1,000M.

    -Spectral Sigil: 3,500M.

    -Arcane Sigil: 4,500M.

    -Elysian sigil: 4,500M.

    -Divine Sigil: 4,500M.

    -Dragon Boots: 15M.

    -Berserker Ring: 75M.

    -Berserker Ring (i): 150-200M.

    -Archer's Ring: 75M.

    -Archer's Ring (i): 150-200M.

    -Seer's Ring: 75M.

    -Seer's Ring (i): 100-150M.

    -Warrior Ring: 50M.

    -Warrior Ring (i): 75-125M.



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  4. Hello everyone, i know i was not an active staff these days, and i wont be soon. That's due to my in real life troubles and things to do, i'm really sorry about that. I give myself a break for 3 weeks, from now. To repair some things inside me, and fix my problems.
    I hope to see you guys, who are friends to me, when i come back, and even more people.

    -Goodluck everyone!

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  5. Maybe the pet disappeared but not the scroll, maybe when you teleported away, the scroll wanted to go into your inventory, but you had not enough space as i suppose, and it got dropped in the place u teleported from. that's my opinion about this.

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  6. This is the list of every pet u can get in-game:


    -Pet Tztok-Jad.
    -Pet Black Dragon.

    -Pet Baby Blue Dragon.
    -Pet Blue Dragon.
    -Pet Green Dragon.
    -Pet Ice Strykewyrm.
    -Pet Desert Strykewyrm.
    -Pet Jungle Strykewyrm.
    -Pet Nex.
    -Pet Bandos Avatar.
    -Pet Pheonix.

    -Pet Dagonnoth Prime.
    -Pet Dagonnoth Rex.
    -Pet Dagonnoth Supreme.
    -Pet Tormented Demon.
    -Pet Kalphite Queen.
    -Pet Slash Bash.
    -Pet Chaos Elemental.
    -Pet King Black Dragon.
    -Pet General Graardor.

    -Pet Corporeal Beast.
    -Pet Kree' Arra.
    -Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth.
    -Pet Commander Zilyana.

    -Pet Frost Dragon.



    P.S.  The drop rate for every pet is the same!


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