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      Please help the server out by voting regularly!  There's about 5 huge servers on just about every top list we're on.  The closer we can get to the top 10, the better!  Please vote regularly!
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      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
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      Multiple Ads Means NEW Players!   01/12/2018

      Hey guys! Thanks to you all and your support and generous donations, we've been able to drop some serious coin on some new advertisements for the server.  We're now advertising on Runelocus, Moparscape, RSPSServer, AND RSPSPage!  This means multiple players from multiple different top list sites will be able to find our server and join our community.  We've been struggling on the player count a bit these last few weeks, but I know some of you are away for just a bit. If you can, please be online to help welcome these new players and show them how awesome of a server we really have!  Many of us know, the only thing we really lack is a good player base, and unfortunately, many players don't stick around after they join because they often see 8 people online.  Those who do stick around for more than a few seconds start to appreciate the craftsmanship put into developing this server and actually give it a chance.  Please help these new players feel welcomed so we can start overcoming this plateau! As always, we're very grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our server.   With love, Salvage-PS Staff Team


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  1. Hello everyone, here i am today to suggest something special.

    As many of you knows that primal is the best armour in dungeoneering, and it's looking pretty sweet too.
    So i was thinking if maybe each time you finish a Dungeon on complexity 4 you have a rare chance of getting a primal piece.

    So that may add Primal to the economy.

    That's my suggestion ^^.

    -Let me know what you think on the poll above.

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  2. Hello everyone, here i am to suggest to extend Slayer task's from 20 kills +-, to 40-60 so you can stay longer at your slayer spot, and also with this change points u get from a task will be Adapted to monsters you have killed. Or it could be like u can choose how many you wanna kill, and the points you get after completing a task will be adapted to how many you killed.

    -Let me know on the poll above.

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    NOTE: This price list will be regularly updated, stay tuned!

    * = New content.

    Queen's Secateurs: 100M

    Dragon Chainbody: 150M

    Dragon Platebody: 500M

    Christmas Cracker: 5,000M

    Ring of the Gods: 650M

    Treasonous Ring: 650M

    Tyrannical Ring: 650M

    Dragon Full Helm: 450M

    Odium Ward: 500M

    Malediction Ward: 500M

    Dragon Warhammer: 750M

    Steadfast Boots: 150M

    Ragefire Boots: 150M

    Glaiven Boots: 150M

    Armadyl Godsword: 500M

    Saradomin Godsword: 400M

    Zamorak Godsword: 300M

    Bandos Godsword: 300M

    Loop half of a key: 5M

    Tooth half of a key: 5M

    Crystal key: 10M

    Abyssal whip: 50-75M

    Godsword shards 1: 15M

    Godsword shards 2: 15M

    Godsword shards 3: 15M

    Godsword Blade: 40-50M

    Ring of Wealth: 700-900M

    Saradomin sword: 60-80M

    Amulet of fury: 80-110M

    Uncut Onyx: 80M

    Amulet of fury (or): 400-500M

    Amulet of ranging: 50-75M

    Ahrim set: 250-300M

    Guthan set: 250-300M

    Verac set: 250-300M

    Dharok set: 250-300M

    Karil set: 250-300M

    Zamorakian spear: 500-750M

    Steel titan pouch: 1-2M

    Draconic Visage: 30M

    Dragonfire shield: 40M

    Vesta's Set: 500M

    Vesta's Longsword: 100M

    Vesta's Chainbody: 200M

    Vesta's Plateskirt: 200M

    Statius's Set: 600M

    Statius's Warhammer: 100M

    Statius's Full helm: 100-150M

    Statius's Platebody: 200M

    Statius's Platelegs: 200M

    Zuriel's Set: 500M

    Zuriel's Staff: 100M

    Zuriel's Hood: 100M

    Zuriel's Robe top: 150M

    Zuriel's Robe bottom: 150M

    Morrigan's Set: 400-450M

    Morrigan's Coif: 100-150M

    Morrigan's Leather Body: 150M

    Morrigan's Leather chaps: 150M

    Dragon Claws: 1,000-1,500M

    Torva Full Set: 3,000M

    Torva Full Helm: 750M

    Torva Platebody: 1,000M

    Torva Platelegs: 1,000M

    Virtus Full Set: 3,000M

    Virtus Mask: 750M

    Virtus Robe Top: 1.000M

    Virtus Robe Legs: 1.000M

    Pernix Full Set: 3,000M

    Pernix Cowl: 750M

    Pernix Body: 1,000M

    Pernix Chaps: 1,000M

    Spectral Sigil: 3,500M

    Arcane Sigil: 4,500M

    Elysian sigil: 4,500M

    Divine Sigil: 4,500M

    Dragon Boots: 15M

    Berserker Ring: 75M

    Berserker Ring (i): 150-200M

    Archer's Ring: 75M

    Archer's Ring (i): 150-200M

    Seer's Ring: 75M

    Seer's Ring (i): 100-150M

    Warrior Ring: 50M

    Warrior Ring (i): 75-125M

    Gilded set: 225M

    Gilded full helm: 35-40M

    Gilded platebody: 75M

    Gilded platelegs/skirt: 75M

    Gilded kitshield: 35-40M

    Colored staff of light: 180M

    Colored robin hood hat: 160M

    Ranger boots: 160M

    Golden Maul: 400M

    Full dragon set (or) : 2B-2.5B

    $10 scroll: 500M

    $20 scroll: 1B

    $50 scroll: 2.5B

    $100 scroll: 5B

    Sled: 1.5B

    Bunny ears: 1B

    Easter ring: 1.5B

    Grain: 1.5B

    Basket of eggs: 1B

    Santa hat: 2B

    Black Santa hat: 2.5B

    Pink Santa hat: 2.5B

    Lime Santa hat: 2.5B

    Lava Santa hat: 2.5B

    Sky blue Santa hat: 2.5B

    Party hat and specs: 3.750B

    Green H'ween mask: 1.5B

    Blue H'ween mask: 1.5B

    Red H'ween mask: 1.5B

    Black H'ween mask: 2.5B

    Third Age Melee set: 35-40B

    Third Age Melee helm: 7.5B

    Third Age Melee body: 7.5B

    Third Age Melee legs: 7.5B

    Third Age Melee shield: 7.5B

    Third Age Melee sword: 7.5B

    Third Age Mage set 30B

    Third Age Mage top: 7.5B

    Third Age Mage bottom: 7.5B

    Third Age Mage amulet: 7.5B

    Third Age Range set 27.5B-30B

    Third Age Range helm: 7.5B

    Third Age Range body: 7.5B

    Third Age Range legs: 7.5B

    Third Age vambraces: 5B

    Dragon kiteshield: 2.250B

    Abyssal vine whip: 2.5B

    Drygore rapier: 3.750B

    Drygore longsword: 3.750B

    Drygore mace: 3.750B

    Armadyl crossbow: 1.250B

    Toxic blowpipe: 2.5B

    Staff of the dead: 2.5B

    Primordial Boots: 500M

    Pegasian Boots: 500M

    Eternal boots: 500M

    Dark bow: 30-50M

    Staff of light: 30-50M

    Bandos set: 500M

    Bandos Chestplate: 250M

    Bandos Tassets: 250M

    Heavy ballista: 1.250B

    Armadyl set: 500M

    Armadyl helmet: 100M

    Armadyl chestplate: 200M

    Armadyl chainskirt: 200M

    Brackish blade: 2M-3M

    Dragon arrows: 100K-150K

    Godwars rune armor set: 50M


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