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      Shutting Down Salvage   03/05/2018

      Well...I've always hoped I wouldn't have to make this post, but I think it's time. Unfortunately, I'm going to be shutting down the server.  I just don't have enough time to bring you all the content you deserve.  It really does suck because I've put a bunch of work into the server, the website, and everything else that goes along with it, but it's time to accept it.  Besides not having enough time to develop what needs to be developed, the multiple $300 15-day advertisements, expensive premium listings, and other forms of marketing weren't really working for us, so it's hard to have the motivation to continue. What kept me going was you all, the players.  I loved the reactions I received after each update and the overall support for wanting to see us grow.  Many of you all have donated to help keep the server running, and it worked out for a long time, but we were just never able to get over that 25 online threshold.  Regardless, thank you to our generous donators.  We would not have made it this far without you all.  I must say it again...thank you. At one time, our community was strong and it seemed like only a matter of time before we would grow bigger, but something happened and that time has passed.  Other servers nowadays are just too far ahead of us with OSRS content that it's hard to compete.  Let alone, OSRS has snagged a bunch of private server players again because of how much content Jagex's team is pumping into it.  As a one-owner/developer private server, it's just too much to keep up with.  These other servers have entire teams on payroll thanks to their years of success.  It's difficult to measure up to these guys starting out by myself and not having enough income to support a few other developers. As far as the future goes, my vision is muddy.  I would like to think I'd be able to re-launch the server in the future once I have more time, but as a full-time employee of a tech company where I do software development 40+ hours a week, I'd like my hobbies/free time to not include programming.  If I do re-launch, you'll receive an email saying so.  Until then, I recommend checking out some of these other servers which I've been playing around on to try to spawn some ideas: Battlescape - It's a nice old school server with a ton of new OSRS features, but they do seem to pad their player count (I literally counted 35 people when it said over 100 were online). Survive-RS - This is a brand new server with a bunch of potential.  It's a survival-style take on OSRS, where there's zombies all over the place and you have to eat to replensih energy and scavenge for your equipment.  It's currently in beta, so there are some bugs, but the gameplay is very fun.  I see some similar qualities to myself in the owner as well. *Note, I was not paid to link these...I just enjoyed playing them. The website will be up until the middle of April and I'll be taking the server offline today.  Thank you to everyone who brought wonderful suggestions to the game and an awesome personality to the community.  Maybe we'll see each other again on another go around.  On behalf of the rest of the Salvage staff, thank you and farewell.   -Justin

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    In-game Name: Eyel E Ss Total Time Played (provide screenshot): 11:10:30 atm counting Have you, or are you able to join our community Discord server? Don't think I have but I am willing too.. Have you, or are you able to join our community Skype chat? Yes I do have skype Timezone: Eastern Time, but play a lot at night Age: 23 Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:) I have little experience being staff but im a good helper and like to help new comers out and show them the game. have been a support helper in a couple other servers How many hours a day do you spend on Salvage? Now that I got a new laptop ill be on a lot more 5 + a day What time(s) are you usually on Salvage? (e.g 3am-7am) 12pm-2:30am maybe a couple hours off here and there Are there any days that you are unable to play Salvage? No sir Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Salvage? (If yes, please explain.): No sir What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Salvage staff member? 1) dedicated to one server. 2) honest 3) trustworthy 4) like helping others/ new people 5) this is a great server In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?: Well I myself have been playing runescape servers sense 2009ish so I have some skill, I love playing this game I spend a lot of time on at the computer desk playing.. This is a growing server very nice good layout and more yet to come. this is going to be a good server with a good staff and helping support team I can see that and I would be more then willing to join the team and help this amazing server.i may not be the best but ill give u my best. I like to entertain with others and help with much as possible. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: id like to be known as the one people come to and ask some questions or tips and concerns. If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (Must answer) I would change the mutiloggin, because myself think you shoud be more then 2 accounts onine at once because atleast one of the accounts are going to be afking a lot.. How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member? yes indeed these are strongly required as a staff member to make sure server is running good at all time.
  2. support helper

    Hello im interested in becoming a help supporter for this server ive been play for a couple days now and I like it and see this server is going to go a long ways and id be willing to help and bring players to 'salvageps.' im not the best player but im not new either..