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  1. Updates 10-28-17

    Rip Kraken.
  2. Business Trip and CoD WW2

    Fingers crossed for Zulrah.
  3. Updates 10-19-17

    Nice update, blowpipe definitely needed a buff. Happy Birthday Justin!
  4. Guide - Firemaking

    May want to add ring of fire (dropped by the phoenix boss) that gives you a 1.5x exp bonus in fm when worn. Also to make the shops more complete you could add logs costs and base xp for each log when burnt. May want to add a note after you burn a log you can click the fire to add logs to it (I may or may not have know this when I started and may or may not have been training fm by making lines of fire.) Thanks for the guide Brad!
  5. Guide - Thieving.

    There is also a stall in the elite donor zone you may want to add. Killing it with all these guides keep it up man!
  6. Guide - Agility.

    Nice guide, good to see a few more up now. 2 thoughts I had: Might want to add that you can trade in agility tickets for exp and that the exp your recieve from trading them in scales with all bonus exp (brawlers, vote book, well of goodwill, and weekend bonus, donor rank bonus.) Also I'm not sure how accurate the lap completion exps you have listed are since it scales with all bonus exp as well, if those are the base amounts might want to add a note that they will vary based on bonus exp. But overall great job Brad the legend!
  7. Quest to Comp! Update (10-14-2017)

    Some nice progress for 2 days, and already emerald. Thanks for supporting the server!
  8. Ironman Quest to Comp

    Sounds fun!
  9. Extend Slayer Tasks

    Great idea! Just wait for a 35 Nex kill task, would take forever.
  10. Official Salvage-PS Price Guide

    Yes items will continuously be added, this is still very much a work in progress.
  11. Updates 10-6-17

    Such a great update Justin been waiting for this one for awhile, thanks!
  12. All pets goal

    I've decided I want all pets in game. So I've decided to record my progress. -Pet Tztok-Jad. - -Pet Black Dragon. - DONE -Pet Baby Blue Dragon. - DONE -Pet Blue Dragon. - DONE -Pet Green Dragon. - DONE -Pet Ice Strykewyrm. - DONE -Pet Desert Strykewyrm. - DONE -Pet Jungle Strykewyrm. - DONE -Pet Nex. - DONE -Pet Bandos Avatar. - DONE -Pet Pheonix. - DONE -Pet Dagonnoth Prime. - DONE -Pet Dagonnoth Rex. - DONE -Pet Dagonnoth Supreme. - -Pet Tormented Demon. - DONE -Pet Kalphite Queen. - -Pet Slash Bash. - DONE -Pet Chaos Elemental. - -Pet King Black Dragon. - DONE -Pet General Graardor. - DONE -Pet Corporeal Beast. - -Pet Kree' Arra. - DONE -Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth. - DONE -Pet Commander Zilyana. - DONE -Pet Frost Dragon. - DONE
  13. Random Improvements

    Isn't Berserker Necklace useful because it gives added damage when using it with the Obsidian Maul? Shift click drop has been suggested already but I agree it would be a nice feature. Yes please let us sell items to the tokkel shop.
  14. Clue Scroll Guide

    EASY CLUES Easy Clues drop from monsters under lvl: 124. Clue Type Answer Riddle: Give me your Items, I'll hold them for you. = Bank. I rise from the ashes, ready to fight. = Phoenix. Here, a war between factions rages on beneath Gielinor. = God Wars. Clue Type Answer Anagram: RAG DON = DRAGON WORLD SONG = LONGSWORD. CLEFT NIGH = FLETCHING. Clue Type Answer Hint: 2 + 2 = 4 10 x 5 = 50 12 / 4 = 3 Clue Type Dig Hint: Dig beside the merchant at home. - Home Teleport. - Near spawn - One square north of merchant. Dig outside the Fishing shop in Catherby. - Fishing Teleport - Dig one square right of the door. Dig between two torches at the Mining Camp. - Smithing/Mining Teleports. Clue Type Dig Anagram: HI ME LOLL = MOLEHILL - Home Teleport - Falador Park. ASH FIRST = STARFISH - Catherby fishing area - Fishing/Cooking Teleports. (Run east and dig on the starfish) Clue Type Dig Riddle: Do druids always use bear pelts as welcome mats? - Herblore Teleport - Bear pelt at the door. I stand in the middle of twigs surrounded by energy. = Runecrafting Teleport. I'd torch these Experiments if I could. = Training Teleport - Experiments - Dig under torch. Clue Type Talk-to-NPC Hint: Talk-to the Town Crier. - Home Teleport. - Near spawn. Talk-to Santa. - Home Teleport - In the bar - Donator rares store. Talk-to Explorer Jack. - Home Teleport - West of spawn. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Riddle: They are marked by a seal...and have portals to seal. = Void Knight - Minigame Teleport - Pest Control. Hopefully he hasn't burned any bridges in his lifetime = Ignatius Vulcan - Firemaking Teleport. An astronomer in the making, he collects alien minerals. = Stardust shop - Mining Camp - Mining/Smithing Teleports. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Anagram: ACE SPELLER = CAPE SELLER - Home Teleport - In the bar. HAMSTER FRIES = MASTER FISHER - Fishing Teleport.
  15. Clue Scroll Guide

    Medium Clues Medium Clues drop from monsters lvl: 124 - 165. Clue Type Dig Riddle: Blood drips from these hands...and I'm the one has that to dig the grave. - Slayer tower - Slayer Teleport - Crawling Hands area - On a blood splat. I enter into the hills of death. This is the to gateway betrayal. - Barrows - Minigame Teleport. Clue Type Dig Anagram: CABLE POTPIES = OBSTACLE PIPE - Dungeon Teleport - Taverly Dungeon. NEAT STORE MOTTO = ROTTEN TOMATOES - Varrock Teleport NEW THIGH KIT = WHITE KNIGHT - Home Teleport - Falador Castle. Clue Type Dig Hint: Dig on the darker pelt where furs are sold. - Ardougne Teleport - Fur Stall. Dig next to a stump near the remains of its relatives. - Lumber Yard. Dig below a torch near cave-dwelling water monsters. - Boss Teleport - Dagannoth Kings. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Riddle: Take a breather, pop a squat. - Musician - Agility Teleports - Teleport: Barbarian Outpost Course (35 Agility) *Must be this Musician* Oh, woad is me! - Martin the Master Gardener - Farming Teleport. Make me different, make me clean. Make me turn a into queen. - Make-over Mage - Home Teleport Clue Type Talk-to NPC Anagram: DALE SWIM ON - WISE OLD MAN - NE of Home Teleport. HOT NICK = HICKTON - Fletching Teleport. HAND IT MR = MANDRITH - ::edge Clue Type Talk-to NPC Hint: Talk-to Thok. - Thok, Master of Dungeoneering - Dungeoneering Teleport. Talk-to someone who knows a lot about Mining. - Mining instructor - Mining Camp - Smithing Teleport/Mining Teleport. Clue Type Answer Riddle: I'm a hobbyist, not a fighter. = Skiller I'm not just ammunition. I'm special edition. = Enchanted Clue Type Answer Hint: 100 - 50 x 2 = 0 2 x (4 + 12) = 32 30 + 6 / 2 = 33 Clue Type Answer Anagram: UNTO MEN SKY = MONKEY NUTS DRAMA IS ON = SARADOMIN FINGER CAT RUN = RUNECRAFTING