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    • Justin

      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
    • Justin

      Votes on TopG now worth TRIPLE vote points!   01/31/2018

      Hey everyone!  Please be sure to vote a ton this month, as votes on TopG are now worth 3 points each!  I still care about getting votes on the other sites, but TopG has always proven to drive the most traffic to our community.  So please vote each day, and if you only choose to vote on one top list, vote on TopG.  The higher we are on that list and the others, the better off we'll be!  Thank you all for your continued support!
    • Justin

      Top Lists Are Working, Initial Player Retention Is Where We Fail   02/06/2018

      Hey everyone.  I just wanted to give an update on where we are with new players.  We are constantly having new players join each and every day, but when they come online and see less than 10 people online, they don't even give us a chance.  Many of you who have stuck around did give us that chance, and now you are part of our loyal player base.  I know I've talked about this before, but I just wanted to point something out. The top list listings are working. Players who browse the top lists looking for new a potential server actually stop and download ours.  That means they like what they see in the description and the banner, and we get their traffic.  They don't get to really try out what they saw in the listing because they decide they want a larger player base.  It really just stinks, because if half of these people stayed online for more than an hour, they would see other players joining as well as our regular players hopping online. Yesterday, alone (2/6/18), I count 13 new accounts.  Imagine if these players actually gave us a shot.  For this, I ask you...if you are able to be logged in, whether afk or not, please do so.  If you have two accounts, please log in to both of them.  Player count is one of the first things new players look at when they log in.  Without it, people rarely give us a chance.  This isn't about falsifying the player count, it's about player retention.  I think the true player milestone we have to achieve is 25 online at once.  Once we do that, I feel like we'll be good and won't have to have this conversation again Thanks for sticking around, and if you're new, welcome!  Thanks for giving us a shot!


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  1. Support/Moderator Application

    Hardly see you on and never seen you help anyone no support sorry.
  2. My ideas for the game

    rocktails is a huge problem but i talk about that in my post, i just think its a bad idea sorry.
  3. My ideas for the game

    The infinite rune rock would be a bad idea because it serves as crazy xp and inflation of rune ore, the best ore in game, if you want a strong eco you could see where i'm coming from.
  4. Shop prices.

    That's not the point the point is that people can buy whatever they want now, they can basically make the prices as they wish by inflation with the amount of money they have, the donator store has nothing to do with this post. If player owned shops come out then they can buy everything sell if for much more. the eco right now is unstable because of this problem and as i see it is the only way of fixing it.
  5. HUGE Feature Being Added Soon!

    Look forward to seeing this in the game, i'm curious as to what some npcs drop so this will help, thank you.
  6. Shop prices.

    A couple of people, not going to name names have abused this 200k raw rocktail to the point of multiple max cash stacks i think an eco wipe is definitely needed
  7. My ideas for the game

    1. The rune rock idea at donator zone is a very bad idea, maybe it could respawn a little faster but please don't make it infinite 2. I also don't agree with the bosses at the donator zone especially with the low population of the server at this point. 3. Voting definitely needs to be buffed in the sense of rewards, 1m and 1 vote point is nothing. 4. The upgrade system is an okay idea if implemented properly, besides the fury to torture what other items do you think could be implemented into this system. 5. Player owned shops are a big agree i would love to see this as right now i'm tired of asking for ages if anyone is selling something.
  8. Make All (x)

    I don't think this should be implemented skilling is already way too easy with the ability to purchase any item to skill with ex: uncut dragon stones, rune arrow heads
  9. Shop prices.

    Shop prices are way out of hand, a raw rocktail sells for 200k and also possibly even a eco wipe should be used for this as a few people have CRAZY amounts of cash in the early stages of this server will for sure lead people away.
  10. Revenants drop rate

    I think that no doubt the revenants drop rate should be dropped to the floor the rate that it is currently is way too high, i see people get at least 4 drops a day and have at least 3 sets.