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    • Justin

      Checkout that top list widget! ---->   01/03/2018

      Please help the server out by voting regularly!  There's about 5 huge servers on just about every top list we're on.  The closer we can get to the top 10, the better!  Please vote regularly!
    • Justin

      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
    • Justin

      Multiple Ads Means NEW Players!   01/12/2018

      Hey guys! Thanks to you all and your support and generous donations, we've been able to drop some serious coin on some new advertisements for the server.  We're now advertising on Runelocus, Moparscape, RSPSServer, AND RSPSPage!  This means multiple players from multiple different top list sites will be able to find our server and join our community.  We've been struggling on the player count a bit these last few weeks, but I know some of you are away for just a bit. If you can, please be online to help welcome these new players and show them how awesome of a server we really have!  Many of us know, the only thing we really lack is a good player base, and unfortunately, many players don't stick around after they join because they often see 8 people online.  Those who do stick around for more than a few seconds start to appreciate the craftsmanship put into developing this server and actually give it a chance.  Please help these new players feel welcomed so we can start overcoming this plateau! As always, we're very grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our server.   With love, Salvage-PS Staff Team


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  1. Official Salvage-PS Price Guide

  2. Sad

    Welcome Jack
  3. Updates 9-21-17

  4. Buying

    Buying all voting Books and Agility tickets, If any one interested ill buy from him with a good price thanks 😁
  5. Updates 9-19-17

    Cool i like it Good Luck
  6. My not activity

    I wish you best luck in your life and i hope that you finish everything soon
  7. Staff application - Samos

    Good Luck Samos
  8. Staff Updates 9-12-17

    Gzz Big don , Wish him best luck
  9. My ideas for the game

    and about the eco there is no much people are in the ::edzone .. so how the eco .... seconed thing is i dont get so much xp per rock tail and it takes like 4 to 5 hours to get 1k rocktail even if its noted.
  10. My ideas for the game

    i dont agrre with the noted rocktails , example i donated like 250$, i cant buy so many items from the donater shop. so there should be something i can get it from this rank , i hope you get what i mean
  11. PS4

    Hello Good morning , if someone plays ps4, call of duy add me ... my psn: Emiratesx and i had youtube channel,, www.youtube.com/ribzx ihope you like some vids of my game playing thanks
  12. Hello if any one interested to sell voting books , I'm ready to buy them for 20m each book .. and yea thanks ^^
  13. UAE introducing

    Hello, My Name is Ali Khamis, im 20 years old im from Dubai, if some one is thinking what (UAE) Means .. its Unaited arab Emirates or Most people know (Dubai) I stopped playing runescape or Rsps.. like 3 years ago , so i came back and found this Cool SERVER (Salvage).. -Things i like to on it .. i like to help people, which i try my best to respect everyone no exceptions .. I like to take photos , Playing Cod . (call of duty) in PS4.. At the end there is lot of things i have it .. if any one wants to knows anything more.. i'm ready to answer him Thanks , and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!.
  14. Small Hiscores Update

    great idea
  15. Hello how is every one I have a Suggestion, Since we dont have so many players. Shall we get Video designer or any introducing video for this server it would be much better and we will show the people how the server is etc... if any one knows a professional video Designer PM me. THANKS!.
  16. Updates 8-30-17

    Thats great ! , thanks
  17. Hiscores Update

  18. Ruby Donater rank

    Hello, I would like to have Ruby donater rank here please Thank you ,
  19. Prestige Suggestion

    It a great idea , but I think when we will have more players it would be better, so there will be like a Competition , Good luck ^.^
  20. How I play Savlage

    Just a random video That's who I play it some time 😎👌🏼 Click here for video
  21. Updates 8-22-17

    Good Luck