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  1. In-game Name:


    Total Time Played (provide screenshot):

    392 hours https://gyazo.com/f8790da76901ac05b8af7b0d7e418c6f



    Age: 22

    Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:)
     8 years of playing servers with at one point building my own.
    How many hours a day do you spend on Salvage?
     Average 8 hours
     What time(s) are you usually on Salvage? (e.g 3am-7am)
     7pm-4am BST (opposite depending on work hours)
    Are there any days that you are unable to play Salvage?
    Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Salvage? (If yes, please explain.):


    What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Salvage staff member?

    1) Experience 

    2) Game Knowledge 

    3) Dedication  

    4) Friendliness 

    5) Adaptability  

     In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?:
    I am applying for the Helper position which acquires game knowledge, friendliness and a lot of time dedicated to the server. I believe I have played long enough to know the community and the knowledge. This is a growing server that i respect and I am hopeful for the future. I know I will not stop at being helper, I want to succeed with the server and be the best i can be for it.

    I have enjoyed playing for servers since i started, the community is what makes a server and I love being apart of it. We have some very dedicated and competitive players and the hi scores update made it so much better.

    If I am accepted i will be more motivated to play and to help the server grow.


     What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?:
    Help the community grow and to address the improvements that can be made

    If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (Must answer)

    maybe Flaming, nothing wrong with a little banter :D (as long as it isn't verbal abuse or threats)

    How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member?

    Always needed for a successful community

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