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  1. Mining Skill Guide

    Great guide, very professional! Thanks
  2. Starting to get some gear!

    love the look of it
  3. Looks very clean
  4. Sapphire Rank

    I use Lloyds bank too ^^
  5. Primal Outside Dungeoneering

    true eyan but it is really nice looking armour to have
  6. Updates 10-19-17

    Even though you're busy at work, appreciate you still giving us updates! Also you've made me really want a blowpipe now
  7. Quest to Comp! Update (10-22-2017)

    Good to see the improvement! Nice Job.
  8. Primal Outside Dungeoneering

    I guess it would depend on how it compares with other armours/weps but i think if it was done right and quite rare to get I would agree
  9. Quest to Comp! Update (10-14-2017)

    good to see
  10. New Top Donator - Thank you, UAE

    Thanks again UAE! You're a boss!
  11. Ironman Quest to Comp

    As an Ironman, i would love to see a series! good luck
  12. Answer my question with a question

    What game are you playing?
  13. Zogres & Skogres Minigame Guide

    Nicely done, looks great ^^
  14. Forum Graphics Portfolio

    Everything is amazing i just personally don't like the Top Donor colors. Overall great thanks
  15. Updates 9-21-17

    Wow nice update