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  1. Support/Moderator Application

    Application denied at this time, please feel free to apply again in the future.
  2. My not activity

    Take your time Wed, Salvage will still be here when you return, hope everything is okay and goes well for you buddy see you in a couple weeks.
  3. Staff Updates 9-16-17

    As of 9-16-17 the following staff changes have been made: Samos has been promoted to Staff Support. Congratulations Samos, welcome to the Support team.
  4. Staff application - Samos

    I like the time you've put into the game, also when I see you online, you're able to answer questions other players have, I approve this promotion. Welcome to the Staff Support team Samos.
  5. Staff Updates 9-12-17

    As of 9-12-17 the following staff changes were made. Big Don was promoted from Staff Support to Moderator. Congratulations Big Don!
  6. Staff Updates 7-27-17

    The following are the Staff Updates for 7-27-17: Promotions: @Star has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator @Wedrowiec has been promoted to Moderator. @Big Don has been promoted to Server Support Demotions: Blunt has been demoted from Server Support