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  1. Primal Outside Dungeoneering

    I for one have never been a fan of including the dungeoneering armours outside of dungeons. So for me I have to say no, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in a way that it could be a good thing, personally just not a fan of dungeoneering armours
  2. You're right brad, but you can mine half the star before that could end up happening.
  3. Quest to Comp! Update (10-14-2017)

    Nice! Congratulations on the visage drop, keep working on those achievements!
  4. I see, truthfully this rule probably needs to be reviewed and changed seeing as how after a certain amount of time being afk you no longer gain loyalty points, the second part of the rule says play time farming, in my eyes I can't see how that can affect the server in any way. I will alert staff of potential afk'ers mining the star, this is something we can keep an eye on moving forward, as well as checking potential afk'ers and kicking them if we deem it necessary. Thanks.
  5. Extend Slayer Tasks

    We could set it up so that only Kuradel assigns the extended tasks. Not Sumona.
  6. Extend Slayer Tasks

    What about a slayer reward that allows the extension of certain tasks via points just like in RS. and also what Justin said, because I kind of like that too.
  7. Guide - Firemaking

    Ahh yes, doesn't get any more straightforward in a guide than firemaking haha, good job man keep it up.
  8. Guide - Mining

    Start of another good guide, I recommend taking note of the spots the Crashed Star falls as well as the required runecrafting levels to get to each spot. Also you can get the Dragon Pickaxe as a drop from chaos dwarfs as well.
  9. Music Genres/Bands you listen too.

    I listen to similar music as you A Day to Remember Beartooth All Time Low Blink 182 Hands Like Houses Dance Gavin Dance State Champs Just about anything from similar genre's as these bands.
  10. Games played on PC.

    Paladins Overwatch Diablo WoW League PUBG H1Z1
  11. 1N7R0DUC710N - 1337

    Justin welcomed a Justin my life is complete. But welcome and enjoy the server!
  12. Official Salvage-PS Price Guide

    Also, I want it to be known this is a guide to pricing, not the actually prices for all items in game, prices in game can be subject to change based off of demands of the sellers and the consumers, this is just a good guideline.
  13. Guide - Woodcutting.

    Nice! A skilling guide! It wouldn't be a bad idea to also add the amount of xp you get from cutting each different type of log. Hope to see a fletching guide soon now!
  14. Updates 10-6-17

    But, what's a grind to a god?
  15. Graphics Showcase

    Weird because it looks like I don't have one