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  1. Holiday events

    Just a suggestion for some holiday events. Maybe Halloween monsters drop pumpkins and can be like smashed for a chance of a rare or some cosmetic item
  2. Starting to get some gear!

    Finally upgraded that damn cape
  3. Bonecrusher error?

    Anyone else having issue of bonecrusher showing up as amulet of ranging? Don't mind second screen image haha
  4. New Forum Rank Banners!

    Laid out very nicely, fantastic job
  5. Games played on PC.

    Any smite players??
  6. Prestige Suggestion

    I think this should get looked into for sure
  7. Salvage-PS Item Characteristics

    I have a dream. That one day I will get a row
  8. Updates 10-28-17

  9. Business Trip and CoD WW2

    Have a nice trip see you when you come back. Keep up all the good work with the server
  10. Zogres & Skogres Minigame Guide

    Great guide I didn’t even know about this!