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  1. Hey everyone! Here's the update logs for 9-19-17:

    • Added Scorpia, Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet'ion bosses!
    • Added Dagannoth Rex pet, dropped by Dagannoth Rex
    • Added Drygore mace with 1.25x stats of Primal warhammer (donator only for now)
    • Added Pegasian, Primordial, and Eternal boots (donator only for now)
    • Added Dragon Warhammer and Odium and Malediction wards - available exclusively from killing Scorpia
    • Added Wilderness rings (Treasonous, Tyrannical, Ring of the Gods) - available exclusively from killing Venenatis, Callisto, and Vet'ion, respectively
    • Added Armadyl Crossbow - Available from killing Commander Zilyana or from the donator store
    • Lowered price of Heavy Ballista and moved it to Donator Equipment store 1
    • Added Lime, Sky Blue, Lava, and Pink partyhats to Christmas crackers
    • Removed random chance of which player gets the partyhat from a Christmas cracker.  Now, owner of the cracker will always receive a partyhat, and the other player has a 5% chance to receive one as well!
    • Added world message for whenever a player gets a rare partyhat from a Christmas cracker.
    • Added Lime, Sky Blue, Lava, and Pink santa hats to donator store
    • Added Dragon Kiteshield - available from killing King Black Dragon or from the donator store
    • Added Elder Wand - avialable exclusively from killing Dagannoth Prime
    • Removed ability to gain Loyalty Points while in Elite Donator Zone
    • Added new bosses to slayer tasks
    • Added working Ring of Stone and Easter Ring.  Find Ring of Stone in medium and hard clue scroll caskets.  Find Easter Ring in donator shop.
    • Lowered price of penance icons in donator store to 75 donator points
    • Fixed rune rock issue at EDZ
    • New cache fixes multiple sprite and texture issues
    • Fixed Summoning call familiar timer issue and changed to 10 second delay

    More updates coming soon with more bosses and items!  Stay tuned!

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  2. I've added a new group called "Top Donator".  This allows me to showcase who is the current top donator on Salvage!  Donating is not all about the money, it's about loving the server so much, you contribute a some of your hard-earned cash to keep the server running.  If you can't or don't feel comfortable, don't!  Please thank the top donator, and all donators for their contributions on keeping this server running!  Without their contribution, server hosting, toplist premium memberships, and advertisements would not be possible.

    There are a few who've donated a ton of money, but the current top donator is @Skittle.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Skill said:

    Why remove claim funds option from the scrolls? 

    Players would be able to donate x amount of money and buy the scrolls to claim the funds, which allowed them to get double the "amount donated", putting them at a higher rank.  They wouldn't be able to spend the points on anything, but would be given the benefits of players who donated more.  I didn't see it as being fair.  It was on the source to begin with.

  4. Hey, everyone!  Here's the updates for 9-12-17!

    • Added Drop Tables! Type ::drops to open the interface. Scroll through the list or search for a specific item or npc using the input fields at the top.  Typing in the input fields is currently slightly bugged, because whatever you type in the input field and search for also gets said in public chat.  The drop tables work correctly, and this is an issue that will take a while for me to investigate, so I want to go ahead and get the feature out there.
    • Increased drop rate of ogre coffin keys from Zogres & Skogres minigame
    • Nerfed grimy herb reward amount from ogre coffins
    • Added coin drops to revenants to decrease chance of receiving pvp drops
    • Added dragonkin lamp to vote shop for 50 points
    • Added colors to several warning messages
    • Removed ::bank command from Server Support role
    • Removed "Claim Funds" option from donation scrolls
    • Changed some text in game
    • You can now use queen's secatuers without regular secatuers in your inventory or tool belt
    • Nerfed xp from fletching rune arrows
    • Made ring of wealth double chances of receiving gems from rocks (including onyx)
    • Added message to alert player if they received an ancient effigy drop
    • Balanced prices of some items
    • Fixed agility brawling gloves immediate degrade bug
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  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've been working on something BIG. It's something a ton of you have asked for, and it's going to be a great addition to the server. I've been working on it for quite a while now, and am to a point where I feel confident I'm going to be able to finish it. Unfortunately, I'll be away this weekend, so it'll be at least Monday before I can continue to work on it. I hope you all are ready for:


    I also have some smaller updates coming along with that, so stay tuned for those. I didn't want to leave you all high and dry with no updates for a couple weeks, so here's my explanation. I hope you all enjoy the drop tables when they're released cuz they've proven to be a real bitch to make. Lol I'll keep you all updated!

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  6. I've made a small update to the hiscores.  Now, you only show on the hiscores if you've gained over 1,000,000 xp in the respective skill.  You can still search for your name and see your xp and all, but you won't be ranked and shown on the leaderboard if you haven't gotten 1,000,000 xp in that skill.  This should help out getting a good idea of how many people actually continuously play the server.

  7. Hey all, here are the updates for 8-30-17:

    • Added a ton of good drops to Slash Bash's special drop table (when you kill him with an ogre artefact in your inventory)
    • Added Ruined Backpack - an untradable item you get from Slash Bash's special drop table which stores up to five objects for you in your inventory. Use items on the backpack to add them to it, empty the backpack to empty the items in your inventory, or examine it to see the items inside.
    • Added Heavy Ballista with special attack.  Animations are a little glitchy currently, but the weapon works fine.  Heavy Ballista can be dropped by Slash Bash when killing him with an ogre artefact in your inventory.  It is also available from the donator equipment store.
    • Added fully-working Toxic Blowpipe with special attack and fully-working venom.  Toxic Blowpipe is currenlty only available in the donator equipment store, but will be added as a drop to a new boss coming soon.
    • Updated vote and hiscore links in player panel tab
    • Removed "A word was blocked..." error message
    • Added donator equipment shop 2 to donator zone
    • Added other godswords to donator equipment shop
    • Balanced prices of some items in the boss point shop
    • Removed fire pit at corp that constantly hid drops
    • Fixed issue where player would get stuck when using agility brawling gloves
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  8. I've made an update to the hiscores!  It was brought to my attention that Construction and Hunter levels and xp were switched.  That has now been fixed.  I also added the functionality to search by a player's name.  Also, there are now separate hiscores for Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes.  Check out your ranks and see how you stack up!