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  1. Hey guys!  Here's the update for 10-6-17!  It took a long time, but I'm glad I finally got it done!

    • Added 149 new achievements!  That brings the new total up to 250!
    • Replaced all PK-related achievements except for "attack a player".
    • Added achievement certificate to Explorer Jack's shop.  Claim this certificate to set the new achievements' progresses which you've already completed in the past.
    • Added rewards for completing different tiers of achievements!  For completing all easy tasks, you get a mystery box and a dragonkin lamp.  For completing all medium tasks, you get a legendary mystery box and a dragonkin lamp.  For completing all hard tasks, you get a $20 scroll and a dragonkin lamp.
    • Raised chance of getting heavy ballista from Slash Bash's special drops
    • Added another ogre artefact to the ogre coffin drop table.  Now it's a 2 in 28 chance to get it (or 1 in 14).
    • Added red spider's eggs to herblore shop
    • Added explosive potion to consumables shop
    • Lowered shooting star timer to 1 hour

    NOTE:  I didn't test ALL of the achievements because there's a shit ton of them.  If you feel like something should work that doesn't, please let me know.

    DOUBLE NOTE:  The achievement certificate ONLY gives you progress or completion for the achievements I was able to track.  For example, when I wrote Treasure Trails, I added a counter for each clue difficulty.  There wasn't a counter for tracking how many crystal chests you've opened, though, so this you'll have to start fresh with.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    TRIPLE NOTE:  You must reload your client to see all the achievements and use the certificate.

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  2. Hey everyone, here's all the ranks I currently have on the forums and what it takes to get them.  All screenshots must include player's username.

    admin.pngAdministrator - be an administrator

    completionist.pngCompletionist - achieve completionist status in-game and add a screenshot of completionist cape being worn in-game

    programmer.pngDeveloper - be a developer

    diamond.pngDiamond Donator - have $250-499 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    dragonstone.pngDragonstone Donator - have $500-999 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    emerald.pngEmerald Donator - have $50-99 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    exstaff.pngEx-Staff - awarded to ex-staff (moderator + only)

    forummod.pngForum Moderator - be a forum moderator

    graphic.pngGraphic Designer - design graphics, banners, etc. for the server under supervision of the owner

    hardcore.pngHardcore Ironman - account matching forum username must be a hardcore ironman, provide screenshot of "game mode" shown in the ::players interface

    ironman.pngIronman - account matching forum username must be an ironman, provide screenshot of "game mode" shown in the ::players interface

    manager.pngManager - be the manager

    maxed.pngMaxed - achieve at least level 99 in all skills and provide screenshot of max cape, MAXED title, skills menu, or completed achievement in achievements tab

    moderator.pngModerator - be a moderator

    onyx.pngOnyx Donator - have over $1,000 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    owner.pngOwner - be the owner

    propk.pngPro Pker - have a wilderness player killcount of at least 250 and a kill/death ratio of at least 5.0

    propvm.pngPro Pvmer - complete both the "kill 10,000 monsters" and "kill 500 bosses" achievements, as well as have at least 100 kills of each boss listed in the boss teleports; provide screenshots of completed achievements and boss kill log

    ruby.pngRuby Donator - have $100-249 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    sapphire.pngSapphire Donator - have $10-49 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game

    support.pngServer Support - be a server support

    top_donator.pngTop Donator - be the top donator; donate more than what shows on the top donator widget on the home page and have their name replaced with yours

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Virtus said:


    Get roasted Justin.



    1 minute ago, Sad said:


    Get roasted Virtus.

    You can't just say "lookin ass" and expect it to be a real roast. Momma look like the corp beast is a good one, though. -3 votes for being in the same screenshot.

  4. If you're ever online when @Virtus is online, there's no doubt you've seen a few solid roasts from one player to another.  This contest will allow you to post the best roasts you see throughout Salvage.

    Terms of the contest:

    • Post a screenshot of the roast you've been involved in...whether you're the roasted or the one doing the roasting, post that screenshot here.
    • Post as many submissions as you like, as long as you're involved in them.
    • You have until noon E.S.T. on October 6th to post your best roast.  The topic will auto-lock at that time.
    • Winner will be selected by the number of likes on their reply.


    • Roasted winner will be given the in-game "ROASTED" title, while the one who performed the roast will be given the "ROASTMASTER" title.
    • Both parties involved will receive a donation scroll for their efforts, and overall depression.

    Extra points for double, triple, or quad+ kills.  If you can get it in a single screenshot, we wanna see it.  I can definitely see this being a reoccurring contest on this server.  We'll see how this goes.

    Happy Roasting!  Don't get butthurt if you become the victim!

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  5. Hey everyone, here's the updates for 9-28-17!  They're pretty small, but took a little bit of ingenuity and time to make.  Plus, they're pretty neat!  I hope you enjoy!

    • Added a ton of implings throughout the world. Catch them outside of Puro Puro and the donator zones for TRIPLE xp!
    • Added barehanded impling catching!  Now you can catch implings anywhere with or without a net and impling jar.
    • Made ring of forging work (a common reward from implings) properly.  There's now a 100% chance to make iron bars when equipped, plus double xp on any bar smelted!
    • Added Kraken to Sumona slayer tasks
    • Ensured all activities at EDZ cannot be done by staff teleporting there unless they meet the requirements.
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  6. Small quality of life update for today because I love ya'll:

    • Updated xp counter to work with max xp in all skills (and future max xp ;D)
    • Added "Reset counter to current xp" option for those of you who want to always see your total xp or have accidentally reset your tracker.
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  7. Hey all!  The following are the updates for 9-26-17:

    • Added instanced Kraken boss! Tele to the Kraken and try your luck at getting the Abyssal Tentacle or the new Trident of the Seas with a powerful, built-in spell!
    • Buffed Armadyl Crossbow
    • Added 5% chance to be awarded a mystery box when claiming votes
    • Various item configuration fixes
    • Made gambling available for non-donators
    • Corrected ::players player count
    • Added all restrictions to edz to ensure staff cannot teleport to another player there and use the resources
    • Re-wrote hatchet and pickaxe logic.  Now, you'll use whatever hatchet/pickaxe is equipped, or it'll find the best hatchet/pickaxe you have between your toolbelt and inventory.
    • Removed annoying waterfiend in Ancient Cavern
    • Added dragon chainbody to annouced drops
    • Added home portal to all runecrafting altars (except Astral)
    • Added effect for Ring of Fire - you now get 1.5x firemaking xp when it's equipped
    • Added inactive loopy birds graphic
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  8. Hey everyone!  Here's the singular, but important update for 9-21-17:

    • Rewrote magic combat formula.  There is no longer a cap on damage dealt by a certain spell.  Max hit with max mage gear is now in the high 80s, which is about even with the Melee max hit and Ranged DPS equivalent.

  9. Hey everyone, small updates for today:

    • Updated auto-updating client.  Please manually redownload at: http://salvageps.com/client/Salvage-PS.jar
    • Fixed issue where magic attack multiplier was not being applied.  Magic is now equally deadly as the other combat styles.
    • Doing ::attacks now shows you the proper max hit based on the spell you are currently casting or have set to autocast.
    • Moved Frost Dragon spawn locations around so they didn't no-clip through walls.
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  10. Hey everyone,

    I've made some improvements to the auto-updating client (not the game client).  If you don't know, the auto-updating client checks the last modified date of the actual client, and if it's newer than the version you have on your computer, it automatically downloads the new client.  There have been some issues where the download doesn't complete correctly (typical Java stuff), and the user is stuck having to delete the file it downloaded and try again.  I've added a "retry" functionality to the client.  If the download fails for whatever reason, it'll delete the client file, and if you want to retry, it will try it over again.  If it fails to download over and over again, your internet connection might be unstable.  Hopefully this cures some headaches and lets everyone get back to playing Salvage!

    Please download the new auto-updating client here: http://salvageps.com/client/Salvage-PS.jar



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