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  1. Salvage-PS Item Characteristics

    added drygore rapier/longsword characteristics
  2. Video Designer

    @wr3cked ya wanted to make a video. Maybe you can collaborate with him since you both have some good items now.
  3. Updates 8-30-17

    Hey all, here are the updates for 8-30-17: Added a ton of good drops to Slash Bash's special drop table (when you kill him with an ogre artefact in your inventory) Added Ruined Backpack - an untradable item you get from Slash Bash's special drop table which stores up to five objects for you in your inventory. Use items on the backpack to add them to it, empty the backpack to empty the items in your inventory, or examine it to see the items inside. Added Heavy Ballista with special attack. Animations are a little glitchy currently, but the weapon works fine. Heavy Ballista can be dropped by Slash Bash when killing him with an ogre artefact in your inventory. It is also available from the donator equipment store. Added fully-working Toxic Blowpipe with special attack and fully-working venom. Toxic Blowpipe is currenlty only available in the donator equipment store, but will be added as a drop to a new boss coming soon. Updated vote and hiscore links in player panel tab Removed "A word was blocked..." error message Added donator equipment shop 2 to donator zone Added other godswords to donator equipment shop Balanced prices of some items in the boss point shop Removed fire pit at corp that constantly hid drops Fixed issue where player would get stuck when using agility brawling gloves
  4. Hiscores Update

    I've made an update to the hiscores! It was brought to my attention that Construction and Hunter levels and xp were switched. That has now been fixed. I also added the functionality to search by a player's name. Also, there are now separate hiscores for Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes. Check out your ranks and see how you stack up!
  5. Ruby Donater rank

  6. Salvage-PS Item Characteristics

    You get the Ogre Artefact from the Ogre Coffin chests at the Zogres & Skogres minigame
  7. Updates 8-22-17

    Here's the updates for 8-23-17! This is a big one with a lot of new stuff! Enjoy! Added Daily Events! Motivote Monday - double vote points Treasure Tuesday - double clue scroll drop chance Bossing Wednesday - double boss points Throwdown Thursday - double pk points Bonus XP Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - bonus xp Added new Zogres & Skogres minigame! Teleport to the Zogres & Skogres area in the minigame teleports to try your luck at receiving ogre coffin keys. Open the ogre coffins within the area with them and receive special rewards! Be on the look out for a special, ogre artefact, which grants you double damage towards Slash Bash, and provides you with a chance to receive a special drop from him. (Currently, it's just an uncut onyx, I haven't figured out what I want the rewards to be, but I wanted to get the content to you all. I recommend saving up on the ogre artefacts for when I add the special drops.) Buffed all stats for Slash Bash by 50%. Ogres and Jogres now have a change to drop Jogre Bones instead of useless Ogre Ribs. Changed Kalphie Queen drops to second form Added Kingly Impling spawns to Donator Zone and Elite Donator Zone. There are now five in each, along with the ones in Puro Puro. Fixed issues with crystal chest and decreased delay time. Removed unlimitted prayer from Moderator rank. Added ability to pray and use bones on altars in player-owned-houses. Offering bones at altars provide the same multipliers as real RS with two burners lit. Nerfed multiplier for offering bones on normal altars from 3.5x to 2x. Buffed bury xp of bones by 50% to compensate for the nerfed normal altar. Offering Frost Dragon Bones at your guilded altar now provides the best xp in game, besides curved and long bone offerings. Made a few text changes.
  8. Salvage-PS Item Characteristics

    Ogre Artefact dropped
  9. Updates 8-18-17

    Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I've had an update, but I've been working on this one: HISCORES! Hiscores has been requested by so many of you all, and it's always been a top priority on my plate. It took me a long time to get it setup because I consistently over-thought things. I took the long, hard way around instead of just doing what I should have done in the first place. Either way, Hiscores are live, and if you don't see your name on the list, you have to log in and out of the game. I have a bunch of smaller updates planned for the next few days that should fix and improve those small quirks in Salvage which frustrate players. If you have any suggestions for bugs/new content that would fix those quirks, please let me know! Link to Hiscores: http://salvageps.com/hiscores/
  10. Updates 8-3-17

    Hey, guys! Sorry it's taken so long to get another update out, but as you all may have known, I was working on a big update. Well, here it is: Added cache for multiple new items in the game, be on the lookout soon for different items (and maybe bosses) being added! Reduced price of Nex armor sets to 50 points in donator store Reduced max hit multiplier of nex sets to 1.2x from 1.3x Added hybrid armor sets. Vanguard, Trickster, and Battle-Mage armor can now be found in the donator store. These are donator exclusives. A full hybrid armor set gives players a 1.4x max hit multiplier for the primary combat style the set is designed for, plus a 1.2x damage multiplier for the secondary combat style. Added Vine Whip. This is currently a donator exclusive, but will be available as a future boss drop. Stats are (currently) 1.25x that of the regular Abyssal Whip. Added Drygore Rapier and Drygore Longsword. These are donator exclusives. Stats are (currently) 1.25x that of the Primal Rapier and Primal Longsword, respectively. I plan to add the ability to change the color of your Drygores in the future. Fixed text input issues, now you can type quotation marks. Added bolt racks to stardust shop Removed unlimited prayer from Moderator rank
  11. New Month, New Toplists

    I'm currently working on a big one (new items and bosses), so that's what's been taking up my time. I have a lot of smaller updates planned for after this goes live as well.
  12. Hey everyone, Today begins a new month, which means top lists reset their votes. This allows smaller servers to have a chance at growing once again. As you all may know, I purchased the premium on TopG, so we should always at least be on the front page, but I want to shoot for a high rank on the other top lists as well. After getting some feedback, I've removed some of the top lists from the voting page. It was sometimes too much of a hassle to vote on every single page and wasn't really worth the reward you got in the end. I'm going to be adding a double vote rewards day soon (probably going to be held every Monday), so that should assist with the situation. What I am asking from you now is that if you really do enjoy the server and you want to see it grow quickly, please, vote on the remaining top lists twice-daily. I'd love to see some more players around here so we can have an active community and eco. Please keep the suggestions coming on whatever you think may help the server improve. I greatly appreciate your support. -Justin
  13. Support/Moderator Application

    Application approved for Server Support. Feel free to apply for Moderator in the future.
  14. Staff application Support/Moderator

    Application approved
  15. Request

    Request fulfilled.
  16. All donators get access to the exclusive Donator Zone. Diamond+ Donators also get access to the Elite Donator Zone, which contains afk skilling! Sapphire - $10 1.15x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Ghost chair while ::afk 10% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given ::yell ability with 60 second yell delay Emerald - $50 1.25x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Ghost chair while ::afk 15% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given ::yell ability with 30 second yell delay Godwars killcount required to enter boss room reduced to 10 Ruby - $100 1.5x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Ghost chair while ::afk ::yell ability with 15 second yell delay 25% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given No Godwars killcount required to enter boss room 5% chance to get double rare drops Diamond - $250 2x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Ghost chair while ::afk ::yell ability with 5 second yell delay 50% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given Unlimited prayer outside of wilderness No Godwars killcount required to enter boss room 10% chance to get double rare drops Access to High-Level Donator skilling area Dragonstone - $500 2.5x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Bone chair while ::afk ::yell ability with no yell delay 75% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given No Godwars killcount required to enter boss room 25% chance to get double rare drops Unlimited prayer outside of wilderness Unlimited ::bank command outside of wilderness Access to High-Level Donator skilling area Onyx - $1,000 3x all experience in all skills Steal noted items from all stalls Bone chair while ::afk ::yell ability with no yell delay 100% chance to re-roll casket when no reward would be given No Godwars killcount required to enter boss room 50% chance to get double rare drops Unlimited prayer outside of wilderness Unlimited ::bank command outside of wilderness Access to High-Level Donator skilling area Permanent Ring of Wealth effect (does not stack with wearing Ring of Wealth) NOTE: There will be no refunds on any claimed donations.
  17. New Forum!

    Hi, everyone! Welcome to the NEW Forums of Salvage-PS. I hope you like the look and feel of this forum a lot better. I'll be constantly working on getting this site to work with our needs, so if you see any rapid changes, don't be alarmed. I appreciate everyone's support. See you in-game!
  18. Updates 7-14-17

    Here are the updates for 7-14-17! Added Boss Point shop! Kill bosses for boss points and spend them in the shop! Some items have unexpected benefits, so look on the forums for their bonuses! Improved Donator Zone by adding a donator-only shop, the donation points shops, and a few other things. Added Elite Donator Zone for Diamond+ Donators. Get there by using the teleport in the donator zone or type ::edzone, ::edi, or ::edz. The EDZ contains a few afk-able skilling objects (chop noted logs at the magic tree, burn noted magic logs at the fire, mine rune ore without depleting the rock, fish noted rocktails at the rocktail barrel) Changed some clue scroll hints (same answers for the most part), more to come in the future. Added support for future daily events. Added charm box which rewards 10-25 charms of each type Added level 90 Thieving Rune Armor Stand to Donator Zone and Elite Donator Zone. If you're in the Donator Zone, the stand rewards a random rune armor piece. If you're in the Elite Donator Zone, it rewards the coin value of whatever that random piece was worth.
  19. Updates 7-10-17

    Here are the update for 7-10-17 Added Dharok set to stardust shop Increased price of dragon claws in donator store Nerfed clue scroll drop chance Changed summoning ladder climb-up position to top of ladder by Fally bank Added new icons for different ranks Fixed bug where NPCs would lose aggro after running away from them
  20. Updates 7-7-17

    Here are the updates for 7-7-17: Moved a Guard at home away from prayer altar Moved Revenant Dark Beast out of tree in Ghost Town Added Quest Cape to Vote Store Replaced Godswords in Stardust Shop with Barrows Sets Changed value of stardust to 50k each Changed the timer for spawning the crashed star to 2 hours (will decrease again when we get more players) Halved the amount of time a server announcement pops up Added color to vote reminder announcement Made Ghost Town a Multi-Combat area Made Firemaking possible in Donator Zone Changed prices of items in Vote Store to better reflect new toplists Moved Thieving teleport to home Changed regular player ::afk animation id to one that works Added claim instructions when you type ::donate Removed intermediate dialog on Farming skill teleport Added prospect option to crashed star to tell you what percentage of the star is left Added 25 auth claim limit within a 24-hour period You must now wait at least three seconds to claim an auth after claiming another Be looking out for plenty more coming at you soon!
  21. Updates 7-3-17

    Here are the updates for 7-3-17: Added ::skype and ::discord commands to take the player directly to join the conversations Added motivate funcitonaltiy. Type ::vote and vote on the toplists to receive auth codes which you can claim in-game using ::auth <auth code> Added auto-donations, donate and type ::claim in game to claim your donations! Added server messages to remind players to vote and read the rules Changed the prayer teleport to the proper coordinates Added ::rules command to pull up list of rules on the forums Added "::remindrules" command for staff members+ Added server-wide message when a player reaches max xp in a skill
  22. Updates 6-24-17

    Hey guys, been out of it for a little bit but I'm getting back into it now. Here is the update log for 6-24-17! Added proper links to new forum website Added ::thread command to open threads by number Fixed issue where you could attack Kree'Arra from a corner and not be hit by her Fixed issue where your dark bow would be deleted after attacking with it Buffed all leather making xp Construction is now FULLY INSTANCED! Building rooms in construction actually costs money now. You're able to pay for the rooms out of your money pouch now, as well. Minor text improvements Added Lottery NPC at new Gamble Zone! Type ::gamble to teleport there. Changed prices of some items in the pk points store Fixed maxed issues
  23. Updates 4-21-17

    Here is the update log for 4-21-17! Removed Sled from loyalty points shop Added Sara Sword and Bandos, Armadyl, and Ancient rune armor to Bandos Avatar drops Changed clue scrolls with answers relating to old home location Added database support for hiscores Added ability to change password through Town Crier
  24. Updates 4-20-17

    Here is the update log for 4-20-17! Fixed dialogue that said the well gives 50% bonus xp when active. It gives 30%. Also made it to where donators to the well DO get double loyalty points. Fixed Dark Bow weapon speed Made Ice Arrows work with bows it was supposed to Buffed yew log cut xp Fixed maxed achievement and all bugs relating to it. You'll have to let me know if you're maxed and the achievement is not completed. Moved home to Falador Removed Elite Black armor from shops Added Falador Guards at north gate. They drop Elite Black armor as a rare drop along with crystal key halves as an uncommon drop.
  25. Updates 4-11-17

    Here is the update log for 4-11-17! Fixed Nex boss battle. Now minions don't attack you until they are attackable Buffed Construction xp Buffed Shark, Manta Ray, and Rocktail catch xp Nerfed Fletching Arrow-making xp