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      Checkout that top list widget! ---->   01/03/2018

      Please help the server out by voting regularly!  There's about 5 huge servers on just about every top list we're on.  The closer we can get to the top 10, the better!  Please vote regularly!
    • Justin

      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
    • Justin

      Multiple Ads Means NEW Players!   01/12/2018

      Hey guys! Thanks to you all and your support and generous donations, we've been able to drop some serious coin on some new advertisements for the server.  We're now advertising on Runelocus, Moparscape, RSPSServer, AND RSPSPage!  This means multiple players from multiple different top list sites will be able to find our server and join our community.  We've been struggling on the player count a bit these last few weeks, but I know some of you are away for just a bit. If you can, please be online to help welcome these new players and show them how awesome of a server we really have!  Many of us know, the only thing we really lack is a good player base, and unfortunately, many players don't stick around after they join because they often see 8 people online.  Those who do stick around for more than a few seconds start to appreciate the craftsmanship put into developing this server and actually give it a chance.  Please help these new players feel welcomed so we can start overcoming this plateau! As always, we're very grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our server.   With love, Salvage-PS Staff Team


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    Below is a list of all current Salvage-PS Rules! Read them carefully and reply here if you have any questions! All rules on this list will be strictly enforced by staff. Just because something may not appear on this list does not necessarily mean it is okay to do. If you are confused about something a little sketchy, ask a staff member. VPN VPN voting is not allowed, anyone caught VPN voting may be IP banned. Multilogging You can have up to three accounts logged in at one time, but none of the accounts can be performing the same task. Account Sharing Account sharing is allowed, but if one account needs to be IP banned, all IPs registered to that account will be banned as well. Real World Trading You are not allowed to trade Salvage-PS Gold, items, or accounts for any form of currency outside of Salvage-PS. Botting/Macroing/Auto-Clicking You are not allowed to use a bot or macro. If found using one of these you will be jailed and may be banned. Auto-clicking is permitted ONLY if you are present and able to respond to other players and/or staff. If you're AFK and still performing the task requiring the use of a click, there will be similar consequences to using a bot or macro. Bug Abuse Do not abuse any bugs you may find, if you find a bug report it to an Admin or the Owner. Your account may be rolled back or banned. Duping Any form of item duping or item generation is not allowed. You will be banned or possibly IP banned. Threats Do NOT threaten anyone on the server. You will be muted, possibly IP muted, or even IP banned if severe. Flaming Absolutely no flaming towards anyone, be respectful of everyone. Anyone caught flaming towards a member will be muted and anyone caught flaming towards a staff member will be IP muted. May result in an IP ban as well. Scamming You will NOT be refunded any items if you do not have video proof of the person who scammed you. If you are caught scamming you will be banned or possibly IP banned. Hacking Do not hack anyone's account. If you do not have permission by the creator of the account to be on the said account, you will be IP banned. Starter Pack Farming Anyone who logs onto new accounts to trade over gold and items is not allowed. You will be IP banned if caught trading from more than 3 accounts. Staff Impersonation Anyone caught impersonating staff will be IP banned. Abusing Help If you are caught requesting for help in the Duel Arena or Wilderness with malicious intent, you will be jailed or banned. Pk Point Farming Killing other accounts in the wilderness with a malicious intent of trying to boost your PkP or KDR is against the rules and can lead to a ban. Ragging Ragging becomes against the rules if it is taken to an extreme and prevents players from being able to be in the wilderness. Ragging the same person over and over will be considered Pk Point Farming and will be dealt with accordingly. Leaking IP Addresses Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban. Intolerance Same with flaming there will be absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. You will be muted or IP muted. Advertising Advertising any server that is online is not permitted. You may talk about servers that are no longer online nor will ever be again. You will be muted or IP banned under drastic circumstances. DDoSing These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP ban. AFKing Prolonged AFKing is discouraged, but not prohibited. Players who are inactive (exhibited by the loopy birds graphic) will not receive loyalty points. Staff are not encouraged to be AFK for long periods of time, as players may try to contact you for various reasons when they see you online. Players who are extended AFK, but do NOT have the loopy birds graphic showing will be kicked for the suspicion of using some sort of auto-clicker or other piece of software to manipulate their presence. Continued non-inactive AFKing will have further consequences.
  2. Whenever you see the birds flying around the players, they are not getting loyalty points. Play time farming is a different animal, though, because when looking for staff, one of the things we initially look at is play time. Even though play time is important, we also KNOW how effective the individual has been during that play time. For instance, if a player has 100 hours played (the unofficial minimum we like to see when considering a player for staff), but most of it was spent afk, we know they aren't really a good candidate because most of that time was NOT spent learning the server. We can keep careful track of all of this, so it's not too bad to just have these players logged in. Yes, it's annoying to message someone and not have them respond when they're afk, but we do have a pretty low player count, currently, and having a few afk players online doesn't hurt anyone.
  3. Everyone, please welcome our new top donator, @UAE Please thank him and every other donator for keeping this server running!
  4. Updates 10-10-17

    Hey guys, sorry for the late update logs release, but here are the updates for 10-10-17: Fixed where staff could teleport to players in Dungeoneering dungeons and remove items from the game. Fixed Equip Elite Void achievement Added a third ogre artefact to the ogre coffins Added a world message for when someone achieves a new donator rank Finished adding easy and medium tasks Increased drop log size Changed price of heavy ballista in donator shop Buffed heavy ballista Increased chance of uncut onyx from Slash Bash w/ artefact Added world message for when player gets 3rd age or another epic item from clue scroll rewards
  5. Guide - Firemaking

    I learned something...
  6. Extend Slayer Tasks

    What if, after you complete a task, there's a CHANCE your slayer master contacts you asking if you want to extend the task for some kind of extra reward? Could be double points or maybe something else?
  7. Guide - Woodcutting.

    It'd be important to add the base xp because Brad gets all the bonuses. Or I could just add the values to the post...
  8. Salvage goals.

    Are you using charming imp for summoning? Also, I recommend camping dust devils for effigies to get dragonkin lamps to put towards dung, unless you're concerned with completing the new achievements, then you have plenty of reason to do dung!
  9. 1N7R0DUC710N - 1337

    Welcome, Justin! lol
  10. CONTEST - Salvage Roastmaster

    I guess Virtus is the winner?
  11. If you're ever online when @Virtus is online, there's no doubt you've seen a few solid roasts from one player to another. This contest will allow you to post the best roasts you see throughout Salvage. Terms of the contest: Post a screenshot of the roast you've been involved in...whether you're the roasted or the one doing the roasting, post that screenshot here. Post as many submissions as you like, as long as you're involved in them. You have until noon E.S.T. on October 6th to post your best roast. The topic will auto-lock at that time. Winner will be selected by the number of likes on their reply. Rewards: Roasted winner will be given the in-game "ROASTED" title, while the one who performed the roast will be given the "ROASTMASTER" title. Both parties involved will receive a donation scroll for their efforts, and overall depression. Extra points for double, triple, or quad+ kills. If you can get it in a single screenshot, we wanna see it. I can definitely see this being a reoccurring contest on this server. We'll see how this goes. Happy Roasting! Don't get butthurt if you become the victim!
  12. New Achievements

    Only issues I know of so far is: Price checker one requires player to put item in, then take it out to get the achievement Elite void one does not work. If there are anymore that need worked on or if you have any suggestions for the "reserved" ones, please let me know. The "reserved" hard achievements right after the "defeat x boss" are reserved for future bosses
  13. Forum messages

    Moved to Support sub-forum. This was caused by me not modifying the messaging settings on your top donator role. I've fixed it.
  14. Updates 10-6-17

    Hey guys! Here's the update for 10-6-17! It took a long time, but I'm glad I finally got it done! Added 149 new achievements! That brings the new total up to 250! Replaced all PK-related achievements except for "attack a player". Added achievement certificate to Explorer Jack's shop. Claim this certificate to set the new achievements' progresses which you've already completed in the past. Added rewards for completing different tiers of achievements! For completing all easy tasks, you get a mystery box and a dragonkin lamp. For completing all medium tasks, you get a legendary mystery box and a dragonkin lamp. For completing all hard tasks, you get a $20 scroll and a dragonkin lamp. Raised chance of getting heavy ballista from Slash Bash's special drops Added another ogre artefact to the ogre coffin drop table. Now it's a 2 in 28 chance to get it (or 1 in 14). Added red spider's eggs to herblore shop Added explosive potion to consumables shop Lowered shooting star timer to 1 hour NOTE: I didn't test ALL of the achievements because there's a shit ton of them. If you feel like something should work that doesn't, please let me know. DOUBLE NOTE: The achievement certificate ONLY gives you progress or completion for the achievements I was able to track. For example, when I wrote Treasure Trails, I added a counter for each clue difficulty. There wasn't a counter for tracking how many crystal chests you've opened, though, so this you'll have to start fresh with. Sorry for the inconvenience. TRIPLE NOTE: You must reload your client to see all the achievements and use the certificate.
  15. Forum Graphics Portfolio

    Can you make admin gold-ish instead of the same color as owner? And I think you forgot to put the margin on either side of the staff banners that you did with the others. Those will be the final fixes lol
  16. All pets goal

    Good luck, man!
  17. Official Salvage-PS Price Guide

    Very nice guide. Some of these are subject to change when more items get into the eco. I also moved this topic to Guides -> Miscellaneous
  18. Hey, everyone. I've been getting some feedback lately that a few players are thinking that I'm edging towards a P2W model with the new updates. I wanted to let you all know that this is NOT the case. Allow me to explain: The new cache updates took a LOT longer to get working than I expected. I basically used the cache of another released server to be able to have these new items for the server, but there were some items that were messed up still and needed to be fixed (there's more that I didn't realized need to be fixed and are now broken - i.e. the Fire Cape). There was a lot of code to write which I was not familiar with in any way, which all has to deal with model ids. There's typically 3 model ids related to each item, and figuring them out is extremely difficult if they haven't already been released on a forum like Rune Server. At the same time, I had started getting complaints from a few players saying the server wasn't being updated regularly enough and they were wanting more content. It bothered me to hear this because I was currently working on the biggest update the server had ever seen, and I felt pressured to release it to show that I AM still wanting to improve the server. I worked long and hard on getting the cache right, so it would be a one-time download for all the new content that there was to come. I got the cache to a point I believed was good enough to release, but I also wanted to add a way for players to acquire these new items and give me feedback on their performance, so I added a few to the donator shop. This is what seems to have angered people. In my update log, I did mention the Drygore weapons and hybrid armor sets would be for donators only, and I plan on that staying true, but the vine whip, in particular is the other one I added which will soon be available from a boss drop. The first line of the update log mentions that there's going to be new items to come. THIS INCLUDES MULTIPLE WEAPONS WHICH WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH BOSS DROPS. The reason I haven't added these weapons yet is because there's a lot of custom code involved in getting them to function the way they were meant to function...and I wanted to get the update out as soon as possible -- one, because people wanted an update, and two, I knew I would be going out of town for the weekend after. I just wanted to get some content out there for people to start messing with (if they wanted to). I am currently working on fixing a few minor glitches involved with changing the cache, as well as a bunch of smaller things players have reported as being annoying. These small improvements will be accompanied by at least one new weapon dropped by an existing or a new boss. I haven't made it that far, yet, so bear with me. I do want to remind everyone that this is NOT all I do. I have a full-time job, a passion for drag racing (where I was last weekend), a girlfriend, a house I'm trying to fix up, along with other things a normal person should have in their life. While I am occupied most of the time, I feel I can still pump out regular updates after I get the backbone of the server straight again. I am NOT giving up on the server, because a few players haven't given up on me. Improving and maintaining the server is not on the back burner. I've met some awesome people and gotten a lot of feedback on what should be added or removed, and I wish to see this server grow as much as any player who has invested a lot of time into it. I appreciate everyone's support, and I ask that you please bear with me until I can get the bulk of the new items into the game via drops, because this is not, and will never be a P2W server. I do have to give players who are able and willing to donate a reason to do so, because the server has to stay running, and that takes money, so they can get a slight advantage if they wanted to. In case you're wondering, the next bulk amount of donations I get will go directly towards advertising, because having just the spots on the toplists that we have is not doing enough to get new players on the server. That being said, I want to make things enjoyable for every type of player. I don't want to hide anything from my players, and I hope you all wouldn't hide anything from me. Please, if you have any feedback, no matter how harsh, please let me know. It can be public or private, I really don't care, because there's a chance other people feel the same way you might, and I want them to know how I feel about them as well. If you enjoy the server, the staff, and your fellow players, help me help you to get this server to where it should be...one of the top RSPSs out there. If you've made it this far in reading, reply with your favorite color and an out of ten current server rating. Thanks, Justin
  19. CONTEST - Salvage Roastmaster

    Downvote. Cunt is not a roast term.
  20. Rank Requirements

    Hey everyone, here's all the ranks I currently have on the forums and what it takes to get them. All screenshots must include player's username. Administrator - be an administrator Completionist - achieve completionist status in-game and add a screenshot of completionist cape being worn in-game Developer - be a developer Diamond Donator - have $250-499 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Dragonstone Donator - have $500-999 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Emerald Donator - have $50-99 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Ex-Staff - awarded to ex-staff (moderator + only) Forum Moderator - be a forum moderator Graphic Designer - design graphics, banners, etc. for the server under supervision of the owner Hardcore Ironman - account matching forum username must be a hardcore ironman, provide screenshot of "game mode" shown in the ::players interface Ironman - account matching forum username must be an ironman, provide screenshot of "game mode" shown in the ::players interface Manager - be the manager Maxed - achieve at least level 99 in all skills and provide screenshot of max cape, MAXED title, skills menu, or completed achievement in achievements tab Moderator - be a moderator Onyx Donator - have over $1,000 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Owner - be the owner Pro Pker - have a wilderness player killcount of at least 250 and a kill/death ratio of at least 5.0 Pro Pvmer - complete both the "kill 10,000 monsters" and "kill 500 bosses" achievements, as well as have at least 100 kills of each boss listed in the boss teleports; provide screenshots of completed achievements and boss kill log Ruby Donator - have $100-249 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Sapphire Donator - have $10-49 donated and add a screenshot of the "claimed" amount shown in-game Server Support - be a server support Top Donator - be the top donator; donate more than what shows on the top donator widget on the home page and have their name replaced with yours
  21. Hey guys, I currently have @Sad working on some awesome forum rank icons! Please be sure to post a request for all your matching ranks here! This includes maxed, completionist, pro-pvmer, and pro-pker. Please look at the guide for requirements.
  22. Ruby Donator

    Done. Thanks for your donation!
  23. CONTEST - Salvage Roastmaster

    Definitely not just a stupid Virginia thing. Lol