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  1. Maxed rank request

  2. Holiday events

    I like the idea, and hopefully I can get one out for the holiday season coming up
  3. Hey guys, "4ourth" (unsure of in-game name) shared the Group Legend plugin with me on discord. I had been looking to add this plugin since I made the site, but was never able to find it. I must have been searching for the wrong words. Anyways, thanks to him for supplying that. View it at the bottom of the home screen or view it below in this post and let me know what you think! Thanks.
  4. Bonecrusher error?

    No...that IS the amulet of ranging. That's not the bonecrusher. Lol
  5. New Forum Rank Banners!

    Hey everyone, Thanks to @Sad, we now have rank banners! You will notice rank banners for each rank you are attributed. Check out http://salvageps.com/topic/79-rank-requirements/?tab=comments#comment-187 to view the requirements for each rank, and make a new post here to get this added to your forum account!
  6. Salvage-PS currently contains items that holds some special characteristics which many new players might not know about. They would either have to hear about the characteristics from other players, learn about them themselves, or look back at the update logs to see what I've added to them. This guide will aim to alleviate that headache and explain what each item has to offer. Slayer Helmet/Hexcrest/Focus Sight: While wearing either of these items, your potential max hit will increase by 12% for the given combat style (Slayer Helmet = Melee, Hexcrest = Magic, Focus Sight = Ranged). Works on and off task. Full Slayer Helmet: While wearing a full slayer helmet, your max hit will increase by 12% for any combat style. Works on and off task. Nex Armor Sets: Wearing a complete Nex armor set (Torva, Pernix, or Virtus) increases your potential max hit by 20%. Hybrid Armor Sets: Wearing a complete hybrid armor set (Vanguard, Trickster, or Battle-Mage) increases your potential max hit for the armor's primary combat style by 40% and the armor's secondary combat style by 20%. Penance Gloves: While wearing Penance Gloves, any special attack accuracy bonus from another player will be eliminated. Penance Boots: In the Wilderness, your run energy will deplete. While wearing Penance Boots, your run energy will never deplete. Ogre Artefact: Deal double damage to Slash Bash while the Ogre Artefact is in your inventory. Upon killing him, the artefact will be destroyed and you have a chance to receive a special drop. Drygore Rapier/Drygore Longsword: Drygore weaponry currently has 1.25x the bonuses as their primal counterparts. This means they are, by far, the best melee weapons in the game. Magic Secateurs: 83.33% chance to harvest each consecutive herb (after three herbs) instead of 75% chance from regular secateurs. Can be equipped or in inventory. Queen's Secateurs: 87.5% chance to harvest each consecutive herb (after three herbs) instead of 75% chance from regular secateurs. Must be in inventory. Ring of Wealth: Increases chance of getting rare or better drops by...a pretty substantial amount... Ring of Fire: 1.5x Firemaking xp when equipped Ring of Forging: 100% chance to successfully smelt iron bar and 2x Smithing xp for smelting when equipped *Keep watching this list, as others are sure to be added!
  7. Updates 10-28-17

    Hey guys, here's the update logs for 10-28-17: Removed 50% bonus donation points event for my birthday (THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DONATIONS!) Decreased drop chance of Trident of the Seas and Abyssal Tentacle Added Dragon Boots and Infinity Robes to the Boss Point Shop Fixed equip config for Hexcrest and Focus Sight Fixed "Teleport Using a Lever" achievement Added wildy to Ardougne and back teleport lever and KBD to home teleport lever
  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to keep you all updated. I'm leaving on Tuesday to go to Las Vegas on a business trip and won't be back until the following Saturday. While I'm gone, I won't be able to get on much, if at all, which means there probably won't be any updates next week. I'm working hard on getting Zulrah finished (I'm currently working on writing my own combat strategy for him, trying to recreate the OSRS implementation exactly). Hopefully I can get Zulrah released before I leave, because after I get back, I'm also going to be spending a lot of time playing the new Call of Duty. I can say that @Eyan will be doing the same, and I'm sure a few others of you are as well. I'm still going to have some time to play and work on Salvage while I'm at work. Consequently, I'm not going to be running any ads anywhere to try to get new players in the next few weeks. I'd much rather be there when new players join and be constantly pumping out updates if I'm spending everyone's donation money on ads. After a couple weeks when the honeymoon phase wears off with the new Call of Duty, @Eyan and I will be fully back in the action with regular updates. I hope you all have a good week! Thanks for your understanding and patience.
  9. Brad donated again...

    No news here, just @Brad is top donator again. Thanks, you mad man.
  10. Green's intro

    About time you introduced yourself. Lol
  11. Sapphire Rank

    Done. Thank you for your donation.
  12. Updates 10-19-17

    Hey everyone, here's the updates for 10-19-17. Sorry it's taken so long to get another update out, but I've been SUPER busy at work (where I usually work on the game...shhhh): For a limitted time, earn 50% MORE donator points for every donation! To celebrate Justin's birthday, this event will be going on until October 28th! Buffed Toxic Blowpipe accuracy by 50% and drastically increased damage multiplier for each dart type Fixed "Defeat Kalphite Queen" achievement Construction changes: Fixed issue where players could remove garden with the only exit portal in it Fixed issue where players could not enter home when not having an exit portal Fixed issue where removing an exit portal or decorative rock in a formal garden would spawn wrong hotspot, allowing players to mass-click any formal garden-specific furniture to gain xp without building anything Changed teleport location for house exit portal to right outside portal instead of construction teleport Fixed some required items for different house furniture including stuffed heads Added Crawling Hand, Abyssal Demon Head, and Kalphite Queen head to their respective drop tables
  13. Quest to Comp! Update (10-14-2017)

    At first, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to see new topics posted for every update, but I'm liking what you're doing. Keep it up, bud.
  14. Server Support Application Template

    Modified staff application template to include note about total time played.
  15. If you wish to apply to become Server Support, please use the following template and post a new topic in this thread. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS TEMPLATE. ANY APPLICATIONS NOT IN THIS FORMAT WILL BE REJECTED. Do NOT pm staff to look at your application. Be patient and we will keep you in consideration while we make our decision. NOTE: Total time played is only a metric. It is not, by any means, a direct representation of your game knowledge. If you have 100 hours played, but have sit AFK for 80% of it, we know your game knowledge will not be up to par with other potential applicants with the same play time. We look for individuals with the know-how to be or become great staff members, not someone who can log in and stay AFK the entire day. In-game Name: Total Time Played (provide screenshot): Have you, or are you able to join our community Discord server? Have you, or are you able to join our community Skype chat? Timezone: Age: Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:) How many hours a day do you spend on Salvage? What time(s) are you usually on Salvage? (e.g 3am-7am) Are there any days that you are unable to play Salvage? Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Salvage? (If yes, please explain.): What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Salvage staff member? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?: What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (Must answer) How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member?
  16. I've updated the AFKing rule, so I'm locking this topic.

    Modified Botting/Macroing/Auto-Clicking and AFKing rules

    Below is a list of all current Salvage-PS Rules! Read them carefully and reply here if you have any questions! All rules on this list will be strictly enforced by staff. Just because something may not appear on this list does not necessarily mean it is okay to do. If you are confused about something a little sketchy, ask a staff member. VPN VPN voting is not allowed, anyone caught VPN voting may be IP banned. Multilogging You can have up to three accounts logged in at one time, but none of the accounts can be performing the same task. Account Sharing Account sharing is allowed, but if one account needs to be IP banned, all IPs registered to that account will be banned as well. Real World Trading You are not allowed to trade Salvage-PS Gold, items, or accounts for any form of currency outside of Salvage-PS. Botting/Macroing/Auto-Clicking You are not allowed to use a bot or macro. If found using one of these you will be jailed and may be banned. Auto-clicking is permitted ONLY if you are present and able to respond to other players and/or staff. If you're AFK and still performing the task requiring the use of a click, there will be similar consequences to using a bot or macro. Bug Abuse Do not abuse any bugs you may find, if you find a bug report it to an Admin or the Owner. Your account may be rolled back or banned. Duping Any form of item duping or item generation is not allowed. You will be banned or possibly IP banned. Threats Do NOT threaten anyone on the server. You will be muted, possibly IP muted, or even IP banned if severe. Flaming Absolutely no flaming towards anyone, be respectful of everyone. Anyone caught flaming towards a member will be muted and anyone caught flaming towards a staff member will be IP muted. May result in an IP ban as well. Scamming You will NOT be refunded any items if you do not have video proof of the person who scammed you. If you are caught scamming you will be banned or possibly IP banned. Hacking Do not hack anyone's account. If you do not have permission by the creator of the account to be on the said account, you will be IP banned. Starter Pack Farming Anyone who logs onto new accounts to trade over gold and items is not allowed. You will be IP banned if caught trading from more than 3 accounts. Staff Impersonation Anyone caught impersonating staff will be IP banned. Abusing Help If you are caught requesting for help in the Duel Arena or Wilderness with malicious intent, you will be jailed or banned. Pk Point Farming Killing other accounts in the wilderness with a malicious intent of trying to boost your PkP or KDR is against the rules and can lead to a ban. Ragging Ragging becomes against the rules if it is taken to an extreme and prevents players from being able to be in the wilderness. Ragging the same person over and over will be considered Pk Point Farming and will be dealt with accordingly. Leaking IP Addresses Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban. Intolerance Same with flaming there will be absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. You will be muted or IP muted. Advertising Advertising any server that is online is not permitted. You may talk about servers that are no longer online nor will ever be again. You will be muted or IP banned under drastic circumstances. DDoSing These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP ban. AFKing Prolonged AFKing is discouraged, but not prohibited. Players who are inactive (exhibited by the loopy birds graphic) will not receive loyalty points. Staff are not encouraged to be AFK for long periods of time, as players may try to contact you for various reasons when they see you online. Players who are extended AFK, but do NOT have the loopy birds graphic showing will be kicked for the suspicion of using some sort of auto-clicker or other piece of software to manipulate their presence. Continued non-inactive AFKing will have further consequences.
  19. Whenever you see the birds flying around the players, they are not getting loyalty points. Play time farming is a different animal, though, because when looking for staff, one of the things we initially look at is play time. Even though play time is important, we also KNOW how effective the individual has been during that play time. For instance, if a player has 100 hours played (the unofficial minimum we like to see when considering a player for staff), but most of it was spent afk, we know they aren't really a good candidate because most of that time was NOT spent learning the server. We can keep careful track of all of this, so it's not too bad to just have these players logged in. Yes, it's annoying to message someone and not have them respond when they're afk, but we do have a pretty low player count, currently, and having a few afk players online doesn't hurt anyone.
  20. Everyone, please welcome our new top donator, @UAE Please thank him and every other donator for keeping this server running!
  21. Updates 10-10-17

    Hey guys, sorry for the late update logs release, but here are the updates for 10-10-17: Fixed where staff could teleport to players in Dungeoneering dungeons and remove items from the game. Fixed Equip Elite Void achievement Added a third ogre artefact to the ogre coffins Added a world message for when someone achieves a new donator rank Finished adding easy and medium tasks Increased drop log size Changed price of heavy ballista in donator shop Buffed heavy ballista Increased chance of uncut onyx from Slash Bash w/ artefact Added world message for when player gets 3rd age or another epic item from clue scroll rewards
  22. Guide - Firemaking

    I learned something...
  23. Extend Slayer Tasks

    What if, after you complete a task, there's a CHANCE your slayer master contacts you asking if you want to extend the task for some kind of extra reward? Could be double points or maybe something else?
  24. Guide - Woodcutting.

    It'd be important to add the base xp because Brad gets all the bonuses. Or I could just add the values to the post...
  25. Salvage goals.

    Are you using charming imp for summoning? Also, I recommend camping dust devils for effigies to get dragonkin lamps to put towards dung, unless you're concerned with completing the new achievements, then you have plenty of reason to do dung!