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    Hard Clues Explorer jack at ::home sells spades and many of the teleports needed for clues. Hard Clues drop from monsters lvl: 166+ (Also you have a higher chance of getting a clue drop from a monster with a higher combat level.) Clue Type Answer Riddle: You take me places so quickly...maybe we're moving too fast. - Portal The ones above are ignorant; but we, below, are smart - Cave goblin You must wear my mark to speak to me, I am a of Mahjarrat Zamorak. - Hazeel Clue Type Answer Anagram: TRUCK IN BAR LOT - BURNT ROCKTAIL ADULT SNAIL RIOT - TUTORIAL ISLAND STROLLS ARE CHAINSAWED - WILDERNESS CHAOS ALTAR Clue Type Dig Anagram: TOAST SOCK IN SAS - COOKS ASSISTANT - Lumberidge Castle - Credit: Sad ITS A REAL BUTT - TRIBAL STATUE - Tai Bwo Wannai Village - Credit: Sad RAGING BALD KNOCK - KING BLACK DRAGON - Credit: Sad Clue Type Dig Riddle: Between two trees I stand, but they are the ones a confined to small space. - Ardougne Zoo. Dig near a dock without a boat. - Etceteria. - Miscellania Teleport and run east. - Credit: Eyel E Ss I emerge from an ancient temple, finally able to witness daylight. - Pyramid Dig next to a Note Table in the Wilderness. - Bandit Camp (Wildy) A ritual was performed here...do not drop any bat bones. - Camelot Castle. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Anagram: WITCHING ZONE TOTS - GHOST TOWN CITIZEN - Home teleport / Edgeville. WORST DRAINED ZIT - WIZARD DISTENTOR - Runecrafting teleport. NEXT PURE THING - HUNTING EXPERT - Hunting teleport. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Riddle: He's the only thing keeping us from having a zombie apocalypse. - Graveyard Guardian - Minigame teleport - Graveyard Arena. Built from the earth, the lava burns within. - TzHaar-Hur-Lek - Minigame teleport - TzHaar Fight Cave. He started the war between souls, it's my turn to end the battle. - Nomad - Minigame teleport - Mini Quests - Nomad's Requeim - Teleport: Quest Location. Clue Type Talk-to NPC Hint: Talk-to the Musician in the Wilderness. - Wilderness agility course - Musician. Talk-to the bro with the 'fro. - Seers Village Party Room - Party Pete. Clue Type Answer Hint: 541 - 40 x 48 / (30 - 18) = 381 28 x 40 x 3 - (70 - 7) / 3 = 3339 Clue Type Dig Hint: Dig under the Bandos Avatar. - Boss teleport - Bandos Avatar.
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    I learned something...
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    What if, after you complete a task, there's a CHANCE your slayer master contacts you asking if you want to extend the task for some kind of extra reward? Could be double points or maybe something else?
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    Ahh yes, doesn't get any more straightforward in a guide than firemaking haha, good job man keep it up.
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    Hey . As you may know I have 2 accounts. I am currently working on them both. Changed Jimmythejew to Brad. Slongdong will be a maxed skiller.
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    Hey guys! Here's the update for 10-6-17! It took a long time, but I'm glad I finally got it done! Added 149 new achievements! That brings the new total up to 250! Replaced all PK-related achievements except for "attack a player". Added achievement certificate to Explorer Jack's shop. Claim this certificate to set the new achievements' progresses which you've already completed in the past. Added rewards for completing different tiers of achievements! For completing all easy tasks, you get a mystery box and a dragonkin lamp. For completing all medium tasks, you get a legendary mystery box and a dragonkin lamp. For completing all hard tasks, you get a $20 scroll and a dragonkin lamp. Raised chance of getting heavy ballista from Slash Bash's special drops Added another ogre artefact to the ogre coffin drop table. Now it's a 2 in 28 chance to get it (or 1 in 14). Added red spider's eggs to herblore shop Added explosive potion to consumables shop Lowered shooting star timer to 1 hour NOTE: I didn't test ALL of the achievements because there's a shit ton of them. If you feel like something should work that doesn't, please let me know. DOUBLE NOTE: The achievement certificate ONLY gives you progress or completion for the achievements I was able to track. For example, when I wrote Treasure Trails, I added a counter for each clue difficulty. There wasn't a counter for tracking how many crystal chests you've opened, though, so this you'll have to start fresh with. Sorry for the inconvenience. TRIPLE NOTE: You must reload your client to see all the achievements and use the certificate.