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    I wish you best luck in your life and i hope that you finish everything soon
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    Hello everyone, i know i was not an active staff these days, and i wont be soon. That's due to my in real life troubles and things to do, i'm really sorry about that. I give myself a break for 3 weeks, from now. To repair some things inside me, and fix my problems. I hope to see you guys, who are friends to me, when i come back, and even more people. -Goodluck everyone!
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    See you when you return, ole friend
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    Take your time Wed, Salvage will still be here when you return, hope everything is okay and goes well for you buddy see you in a couple weeks.
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    I think that no doubt the revenants drop rate should be dropped to the floor the rate that it is currently is way too high, i see people get at least 4 drops a day and have at least 3 sets.