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    Hey, everyone! Here's the updates for 9-12-17! Added Drop Tables! Type ::drops to open the interface. Scroll through the list or search for a specific item or npc using the input fields at the top. Typing in the input fields is currently slightly bugged, because whatever you type in the input field and search for also gets said in public chat. The drop tables work correctly, and this is an issue that will take a while for me to investigate, so I want to go ahead and get the feature out there. Increased drop rate of ogre coffin keys from Zogres & Skogres minigame Nerfed grimy herb reward amount from ogre coffins Added coin drops to revenants to decrease chance of receiving pvp drops Added dragonkin lamp to vote shop for 50 points Added colors to several warning messages Removed ::bank command from Server Support role Removed "Claim Funds" option from donation scrolls Changed some text in game You can now use queen's secatuers without regular secatuers in your inventory or tool belt Nerfed xp from fletching rune arrows Made ring of wealth double chances of receiving gems from rocks (including onyx) Added message to alert player if they received an ancient effigy drop Balanced prices of some items Fixed agility brawling gloves immediate degrade bug