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    Hey all, here are the updates for 8-30-17: Added a ton of good drops to Slash Bash's special drop table (when you kill him with an ogre artefact in your inventory) Added Ruined Backpack - an untradable item you get from Slash Bash's special drop table which stores up to five objects for you in your inventory. Use items on the backpack to add them to it, empty the backpack to empty the items in your inventory, or examine it to see the items inside. Added Heavy Ballista with special attack. Animations are a little glitchy currently, but the weapon works fine. Heavy Ballista can be dropped by Slash Bash when killing him with an ogre artefact in your inventory. It is also available from the donator equipment store. Added fully-working Toxic Blowpipe with special attack and fully-working venom. Toxic Blowpipe is currenlty only available in the donator equipment store, but will be added as a drop to a new boss coming soon. Updated vote and hiscore links in player panel tab Removed "A word was blocked..." error message Added donator equipment shop 2 to donator zone Added other godswords to donator equipment shop Balanced prices of some items in the boss point shop Removed fire pit at corp that constantly hid drops Fixed issue where player would get stuck when using agility brawling gloves