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    • Justin

      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
    • Justin

      Votes on TopG now worth TRIPLE vote points!   01/31/2018

      Hey everyone!  Please be sure to vote a ton this month, as votes on TopG are now worth 3 points each!  I still care about getting votes on the other sites, but TopG has always proven to drive the most traffic to our community.  So please vote each day, and if you only choose to vote on one top list, vote on TopG.  The higher we are on that list and the others, the better off we'll be!  Thank you all for your continued support!
    • Justin

      Top Lists Are Working, Initial Player Retention Is Where We Fail   02/06/2018

      Hey everyone.  I just wanted to give an update on where we are with new players.  We are constantly having new players join each and every day, but when they come online and see less than 10 people online, they don't even give us a chance.  Many of you who have stuck around did give us that chance, and now you are part of our loyal player base.  I know I've talked about this before, but I just wanted to point something out. The top list listings are working. Players who browse the top lists looking for new a potential server actually stop and download ours.  That means they like what they see in the description and the banner, and we get their traffic.  They don't get to really try out what they saw in the listing because they decide they want a larger player base.  It really just stinks, because if half of these people stayed online for more than an hour, they would see other players joining as well as our regular players hopping online. Yesterday, alone (2/6/18), I count 13 new accounts.  Imagine if these players actually gave us a shot.  For this, I ask you...if you are able to be logged in, whether afk or not, please do so.  If you have two accounts, please log in to both of them.  Player count is one of the first things new players look at when they log in.  Without it, people rarely give us a chance.  This isn't about falsifying the player count, it's about player retention.  I think the true player milestone we have to achieve is 25 online at once.  Once we do that, I feel like we'll be good and won't have to have this conversation again Thanks for sticking around, and if you're new, welcome!  Thanks for giving us a shot!


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    If you wish to apply to become Server Support, please use the following template and post a new topic in this thread. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS TEMPLATE. ANY APPLICATIONS NOT IN THIS FORMAT WILL BE REJECTED. Do NOT pm staff to look at your application. Be patient and we will keep you in consideration while we make our decision. NOTE: Total time played is only a metric. It is not, by any means, a direct representation of your game knowledge. If you have 100 hours played, but have sit AFK for 80% of it, we know your game knowledge will not be up to par with other potential applicants with the same play time. We look for individuals with the know-how to be or become great staff members, not someone who can log in and stay AFK the entire day. In-game Name: Total Time Played (provide screenshot): Have you, or are you able to join our community Discord server? Timezone: Age: Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:) How many hours a day do you spend on Salvage? What time(s) are you usually on Salvage? (e.g 3am-7am) Are there any days that you are unable to play Salvage? Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Salvage? (If yes, please explain.): What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Salvage staff member? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?: What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (Must answer) How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member?