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    • Justin

      Checkout that top list widget! ---->   01/03/2018

      Please help the server out by voting regularly!  There's about 5 huge servers on just about every top list we're on.  The closer we can get to the top 10, the better!  Please vote regularly!
    • Justin

      Zulrah is HERE!   01/05/2018

      Zulrah has finally arrived in the world of Salvage-PS!  Log in and take on Salvage's newest fearsome beast with its true to OSRS combat!
    • Justin

      Multiple Ads Means NEW Players!   01/12/2018

      Hey guys! Thanks to you all and your support and generous donations, we've been able to drop some serious coin on some new advertisements for the server.  We're now advertising on Runelocus, Moparscape, RSPSServer, AND RSPSPage!  This means multiple players from multiple different top list sites will be able to find our server and join our community.  We've been struggling on the player count a bit these last few weeks, but I know some of you are away for just a bit. If you can, please be online to help welcome these new players and show them how awesome of a server we really have!  Many of us know, the only thing we really lack is a good player base, and unfortunately, many players don't stick around after they join because they often see 8 people online.  Those who do stick around for more than a few seconds start to appreciate the craftsmanship put into developing this server and actually give it a chance.  Please help these new players feel welcomed so we can start overcoming this plateau! As always, we're very grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our server.   With love, Salvage-PS Staff Team

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  1. Last week
  2. quick update

    It wasn't, I moved the prices to the official one.
  3. quick update

    hey, i'm not sure if it was confirmed or not that killz' (bzr) price guide is the new official price guide or not but if it is, The popular topics > Price guide > needs to be switched from Wedro's to Bzrs. ONCE AGAIN, ONLY IF WAS CONFIRMED Aswell as "store" the top bar STORE option needs to have the actual store, and not just the donation benefits.
  4. Thieving Skill Guide

    kaboo be all over dat shiz. ;p
  5. Forum Permission Updates

    After @jdmmills made me aware that players could not post in the "Report a Bug" sub-forum, I've changed the permissions up for you to do so. You will also have a few other permissions on other sub-forums you may not have had before. This especially goes for the Top Donator rank, as I didn't give that rank any permissions when I made it (accidentally...sorry, @Brad). If you think you should have access to a sub-forum and you don't, please let me know.
  6. Thieving Skill Guide

    I guess I need to make a guide master rank.
  7. Updates 1-18-18

    very much agreed with virtus. and also gotta love the accidental wilderness teleports if you were to misclick. level 20+ wildy and no notifcation. least now there wont be any mistakes.
  8. Thieving Skill Guide

    very straight forward but tis gotta be here love the tables and least players will know much money can be made. 10/10 once again. GJ
  9. Thieving Skill Guide

    THIEVING GUIDE by KABOOYAH Credits - @jdmmills & @Virtus 1. INTRODUCTION Thieving is one the most straightforward skills out there, but still there are some things that might be useful for you to know. 2. TRAINING LOCATIONS There are two main training locations: near the home teleport (or just use thieving teleport) and one the donor zone (::dz). Both locations have the same stands. The only difference between the thieving spot at home and at donorzone is that you can also steal rune items from a Rune Armour stand which gives quite good XP at the donorzone. The Rune Armour stand gives several different Rune items. For example: Rune kiteshields, boots, full helm, plate etc. If you have a donorstatus you will not only have access to the Rune Armour Stand but also all the things that you steal from any stall (except for the Rune Armour Stand) will be noted. This makes it much easier for you to level up obviously. This also works on the stalls at the Regular Thieving Location. It must be noted that there is also a Rune Armour stand in the Extreme Donorzone. This gives you cash instantly instead of the items, which saves you some banking time. So this is the best way to get to 200m XP, since by the time you are an Extreme Donor you probably already have 99 Thieving 3. TRAINING EXPERIENCE The table below shows the amount of experience you will get per stall and money you will earn per item. This translates to the following amount of items that you will need to steal: The items which you steal can be sold to the guy standing right next to the stalls. Thieving is not the best way to make money, but it does makes some money. The table below shows how much money you will make. Note that the Rune Armour stand is not included do to the variances in prices. GOOD LUCK!
  10. Updates 1-18-18

    This is very nice, I hated teleporting to Zulrah or something 4 pages in and clicking next page 1 too many times.
  11. Updates 1-18-18

    This is awesome, great work!
  12. Updates 1-18-18

    Hey guys! Only one update today, but it's a big one! Added teleport interface! Instead of flipping through dialogs, we now have a nice interface for you to choose your teleport destination from! Check it out! (I'll be adding a quick teleport button soon so you don't have to click on the magic tab first)
  13. Brand new

    Welcome! Hope you like the server! Don’t hesitate to join the help cc and come chat, you’re also welcome to ask any questions, no question is silly. See you in game
  14. Herblore Skill Guide

    Very well constructed. May want to add in that making overloads I required for an achievement, and if you are a donor you gain access to an additional herblore shop that sell overloads and the supplies to make them (including the herbs for exteme potions.)
  15. Summoning Skill Guide

    Great guide, personally I used the charming imp to get 99 summoning and then 200m summoning exp but I didn't camp rock crabs, there are several monsters in the game with good charm drops such as Kraken or Scorpia.
  16. Updates 1-17-18

    I still can't make a <3 in the cc, 5/7. Loving the frequent updates Justin keep it up!
  17. Staff

    In-game Name: BrandonM Total Time Played (provide screenshot): http://prntscr.com/i1xfcl Have you, or are you able to join our community Discord server? I would be able to join Timezone: GMT UK Gender: Male Age: 18 Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:) Used to own couple of them Been co-owner admin and mod on most How many hours a day do you spend on Salvage? 8-7 Hours What time(s) are you usually on Salvage? (e.g 3am-7am) 12pm Are there any days that you are unable to play Salvage? Nope I will be acive 24/7 Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Salvage? (If yes, please explain.): No What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Salvage staff member? 1) Helping People 2) Being active 24/7 3) Friendly Person 4) Keep to the rules 5) Always like helping other In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?: 1.I'm always active love helping others 2. And that i will be a good mod 3. And I just want the people to think i'm a good person What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I achieve that Salavge-PS I want to see the server grow and I want this server to do the best it can because its the best server I've played! It will become an achievement If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (Must answer) Address, That would be afking How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member? Just want to see the server grow and see more people
  18. Updates 1-17-18

    Hey everyone! Small update today! Players can now type the following characters and see them appear in-game: "<", ">", and "/" (cannot do "<" or "<>" in clan chat) Typing "^" no longer auto-types "^^" You can no longer put images or colors in clan chat text Small fix for dungeoneering
  19. Construction Skill Guide

    Once again, awesome guide
  20. Summoning Skill Guide

    I was just kidding, bud lol
  21. Server Support Application | Mills | 01/15/18 |

    he would be a great staff :3
  22. Earlier
  23. Brand new

    welcome to Salvage hope to see you ingame, feel free to ask any questions. don't hesitate
  24. Server Support Application | Mills | 01/15/18 |

    Best of luck! Almost always the first person to welcome new players and goes out of his way to answer questions. Plus he's Canadian so he's friendly af.
  25. Construction Skill Guide

    very well made. I will not ever post a guide now because of your talent in these, I would just be embarrassed , but oo yay thank you for the acknowledgment on this.
  26. Price list

    Overall I think this is fairly accurate. The only prices I think would be slightly off are the nex armor helms, spirit shields, and 3a pieces.
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