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  • Salvage - A 2017 New-age Runescape Private Server

    Welcome to the official website of Salvage-PS, a new-age private server. Launched in June of 2017, we have a ton of content waiting and available for all players to enjoy. Owned and developed by a professional programmer, Salvage-PS strives for becoming one of the best Runescape private servers out today. We are very new to the RSPS scene, but we have made great improvements towards becoming a great server. We have a bunch of content that is 100% custom, but still true to the game, such as a custom tool belt, custom treasure trails, and much, much more. There are plenty of amazing things we wish to accomplish in the future, and thanks to the frequent suggestions and feedback from our community and the development knowledge of the owner, almost anything is possible. Download our auto-updating client and become part of the community today!

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    • Justin

      Let's be real...I haven't been back.   12/12/2017

      So I said I was back, and at first, I was...but shit has gotten so cray lately.  The holidays are so extremely busy for me, plus I've been swamped with projects at work.  I have been working a little bit on getting Zulrah 100% release ready, but it's such a pain in the ass, so I really hope you all do like it once it comes out.  I'm making it basically 100% true to Runescape.  Besides me not having any time around the holidays, I know @Eyan has also been busy with work. My plan is to be back with regular updates at the beginning of 2018.  I'd like your feedback on a few things, though.  Should I basically "re-launch" the server in 2018?  Everything would remain the same in-game (unless you all feel a reset is in order).  I would delete the listings on all the top lists and make new ones.  This would put us back in that "new server" grouping for us to be seen when people sort the listings by most recent.  What do you all think?  Leave your suggestions here. Just a quick update from me and where I'm at.  I'm still dedicated to the owning and developing the server, but things have just gotten crazy lately.  I hope to see you all back in 2018 and I hope you have happy holidays and a happy new year!

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